Attack On the Countries Through Cyber Crime

In the first time people used to hid money in homes, then the banking system encouraged people to be protected by investing in stolen banks. But the bank is now tested by digital stolen, which is commonly called hacking. A few times ago, the stolen thing was a common man, but now the scope has reached the state.

The aim of these hackers, which is headed by the state, is not only to spread secret information and subtitle, but now hackers are storing funds from other country banks to their country to meet the state's financial deficit so that in the country Get Economic Improvements

According to the International Organization for Organizing Group - IB, according to the International Organization for Organizing Cyber ​​Attacks, along with other global organizations of Interpol and Anti-Cyber ​​Crime, a new and complex material (known as a computer system) And software designed to harm relevant computers), but now the states have started recruiting these hackers regularly and using them in their own interest.

This year a cyclone report was presented in October by Cyber ​​Crime Convention 2018 in Moscow. Whose title was 'High Tech Crime Trends' 2018. Analyzing the new trends of Cyber ​​Crime in this report, it was predicted that the next priority of state-run hackers in the coming years will be the financial institutions of other countries. According to this report released on cyber crime trends, hackers are now listed as China, North Korea and Iran in countries receiving their financial interest. As forty and four groups of Russia and Ukraine's state-hackers are dynamic in other countries.

In a Moscow-based conference last month, group-IB chief Ilia Sachkov said, "The priority of the state-run hackers is to target another country's banking system, because in this way, they benefit in two ways. One gets a job, not just a single attack, but only transferring capital in an organization of the banking system to the invading state, let it be, resulting in cyber attack, in this country or state's financial system. Goes away

Group - IB report has come at such a time. The focus of state hackers is at the most complex and innovative molecular research so that various security layers of any state institution can be tackled. The purpose of these state hackers is to steal and spy the embedded embedded in the infrastructure, companies, energy, energy, water, trade, aviation and other profitable sectors. These groups carried out many cyber attacks in the last 2017 and in the first half of 2018 in various countries located in the Asia Pacific region. In the past one year, more than twenty-one such hackers group has grown in this region, which are more than the US and Europe's hacker groups overall.

Group-IB experts have also pointed out a new direction of spy in which these state hackers are hacking the domestic and personal electrical devices of the other officials of other countries. In this report, about 40 such animated groups are covered, but their numbers are far higher than that. The financial support of these forty groups is done by the governments of Iran, China, America, North Korea and Ukraine. Instead of compensation, these groups target a particular country's economic sector. The major part of the 'High Tech Crime Trends' 2018' report is based on the strategy of state-run hackers harming financial institutions. One such group exposed Silence this year. This group has been the biggest cyber threat for banks around the world with other groups' Cobalt, Lazarus and MoneyTaker for the past several years. These hackers are quietly able to enter the bank's financial system and get the money out.

Members of three groups listed above are Russian, and their biggest target is also Russian banks. According to the report, on average, one of the two Russian bank jobs target Ayab cyber attacks every month. These state paradigm hackers have to hit 132 billion rupees ($ 2 million) each month on average. Group-IB experts observe targeted targets against banks, resulting in Swift International Payment Network (International Transit Network), the international transfer of funds through the world's largest economic messaging system. Revision time takes three times. The report has shown that after the arrest of Cobalt and Fin7 heads, other members of these groups can start forming new hackers groups, while in recent months, new state-run hackers in Latin America and other regions of Asia The number of groups can increase and their biggest target banking system will be.

According to the Group-IB Cyber ​​Security Experts, the state-run hackers not only fund the financial system of other states, but also deprive consumers using the state-owned credit card. According to the report, these hackers include data from these cards to sell on the Dark Web site as well. On these websites almost 11 million credit cards are offered for sale on a low-cost 'Web-shop' shop for sale. The total value of the card on the Dark Web was $ 663 million last year. These hackers use modern methods of Trojan and Web Publishing for hacking credit cards in the international market.

This year web site has increased internationally. Most of the worldwide piling websites are registered in the US, the same percentage of registered paching websites around the world, while France and Germany are ranked second and third respectively in this list. According to experts, Croatotninti, who is also called the world currency, is considered to be the world's safest digital currency, is considered to be the safest, but this digital currency has not been far from the hackers' handling, in 2017 and 2018 to make a transaction in a corruption currency. 14 exchanges were returned. Crab currency exchange executives suffered a loss of $ 882 million in state hacking. Five of these 14 attacks were carried out by the North Korea-based hacker group Lazarus. The majority of the victims in this attack was from South Korea, while the rest of the attacks were carried out by various countries, hackers groups Silence, MoneyTaker and Cobalt. Many states are now using 'Anon' (done in their detailed remarkable separate box) in their goals, and the time is not far when a country is able to deposit other foreign currency deposits to another country to meet its budget deficit. Will move to you.

Internet drones

In Pakistan, especially in the city leadership, the word 'Unknown' looks very good, because Karachi vows read and hear this word at least twice a day. Unknown term is very useful for our law enforcement agencies. Only one word 'unknown' protects them from any kind of investigation for any crime. It has become a waste of our nation's tragic and law-enforcement agencies that the impotence of goat's bribery is being put to an unknown 'person' food till the horrible incident of terrorism.

If a few years of data is seen, it is known that the murders in Karachi, the same are 'unknown' people responsible for theft robbery, but the words 'unknown' mean something else in the world of Internet, Listen to this word Cyber ​​Security experts run race. Active group on the Internet 'Unknown' is a group consisting of worldwide hackers and hackers (any person's computer files and illegal access to the network accessible information in social and political purposes) The time consumes the internet network against governments, terrorist organizations, and raises their computer network. Whether it is terrorism in Paris or terrorist organization in Iraq, it is the target of the group to oppose or oppress ISIL or to the oppressor, the target of this group.

The unknown hackers of this unidentified group by attacking the social media accounts, government, religious and corporate websites (information on any computer, network and all computers connected to the hackers) by their hackers Get access Such attacks are done mostly on high-profile web servers (banks, credit card-based websites), but may be revenge, blackmail or any other activity behind these attacks. Anonymous Group came into existence on an internet forum 4chan in 2003. The most important thing about this forum is that any person from outside the world can keep their ideas hidden, or any important information in the image form on this website.

Initially this online community was used for personal and leisure purposes, but in the beginning of 2008 members of the unidentified group of non-members of this forum were formed by the Church of Scientology (1954, the new religion made by American Science Fiction Writer L. Ron Huddard. Faith) launched a protest movement called a Project Chanology against a new religious movement. The 'Unknown' group on the Internet claiming presence everywhere without a head damaged the cyber attack on the Church of Scientology website 'Perky Calls' and 'Black Fox'.

Regardless of an unknown group and from this, we deal with the Internet not only the Internet that demonstrates street protests. An unknown group got the revenge on anti-digital pioneer campaigns by the Trade Motion Pictures and Recording Industry Trade Associations. Later, the group increased the scope of its activities by the governments of the United States, Israel, Tunisia, Uganda, children's adolescents, copyright protection agencies, terrorist organizations like Daish and Bookharam (PayPal) ), Expanded to major institutions like Master and Visa Card and Sony. Members of an unknown group, also known as 'Enon', are also widely supported by Wikileaks and its founder Julian Hughes and the Autonomous Movement (International Movement of Occupation of Wall Streets against the worldwide social and economic non-equality). Do it

Group Lulz Securities and Anti-Operations (Anti-Securities) linked to an unknown group have targeted cyber attacks in the past few years, US government agencies, media and video-making companies, military contractors, military and police officers. These groups have threatened to threaten Israel out of the Internet through their anti-Zionist measures. The attack on Yom HaShoah's website, which was built in Holocaust in 2013, was also a threat.

Anonymous group's growing actions have focused on the attention of law enforcement agencies around the world. Several members of this unidentified group involved in cyber attacks in many countries of the world, including the United States, Britain, Australia, Netherlands, Spain and Turkey, have been arrested. There are conflicting arrows worldwide on unknown group operations. His supporters call anonymous (unknown group member) as 'Frederick Fighter' and 'Digital' Robin Hood. However, the 'Unknown' group, which is considered a symbol of terrorism on the Internet, calls them the name of 'cyber bumashash' and 'cyber terrorists'. An unknown group's strength and effectiveness can be estimated that American Weekly Times titled 'Unknown' in the list of world's influential influences in the 2012 issue.

It is talk of dictatorship in Gulf states or Vatican, banking system or any film company or music company, FBI or CIA, IS IS or a Christian terrorist organization, fear of 'Unknown' group. Sleeping eyes According to the information received by this date, the rules of the group are not too harsh, internal differences in the group are also in place, but members of this group working on concepts, without the discretion of color and race. But agree

They all oppose and control the Internet. It is sometimes known to be unknown when the Donald Trump appears to be warning to speak truthfully, against the global terrorist organizations. Sometimes hackers stand in favor of communism, immigrants and blacks, sometimes they target anti-Islam materials and target rallies against Islam. Most of the steps in this group are against government enforcement agencies and corporations. There is no less or less in this group, no leader of them, but when some people of this group take legal action, they are able to choose cyber attacks and hacking paths while illegally taking action against ordinary people. Are there

There are no conditions to become a member of the world's most influential and confidential group. If you consider yourself as an unknown, you are called an unknown, then you are also anne. However, there are three main principles of this group that do not have the main organizational structure. First: Do not show any other member's identification, let's not talk to a group of unbelievers, swim: do not target a slight appeal. In many countries, including Britain, America, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, and Turkey, were arrested in a large number of arrests for preventing cyber attacks from an unknown group. Despite all this, preventing unauthorized group operations completely Not possible This group attacks any organization, organization or company's computer network anytime, bypassing it. You call them Hackers somewhere, cyber thugs somewhere or thieves, but the majority of people agree that keeping these unknown groups personal interest overseas around the world, religious and racial discrimination, against economic disparagement and freedom to express themselves. The role is playing freely.

Web Publishing

Hackers send a web patch to different people in this way of hack, which appears to be similar to your social media and email page, but in fact, a hacking software is working in its background. The hacker gives access to your account as you log in. This way the hackers import web patches looking at your Internet activity, for example, if you search for more on mobile or cars on the Internet, then you can see the paching page appearing in front of you. Any drawback on mobile or car will be asked to log on to this patch. As soon as you log on, all of your account account information is stolen.

How to save from hacking

With the passing day, computer and Internet technology is getting better than the better, but with the innovation in technology, hackers also have new ways to hack. Hacker lets you access your personal information for piching, freight, transgers and many other ways.

Lugar and Malware software

Using the Internet is often encouraged to download you in a video, photo, mobile application, games, book, or software free. If you have anti-virus or anti-malware software installed on your computer or mobile, it gives you alert warning, but by ignoring this message in a free circle usually downloading that thing, which is actually malware Or there are software software. These software record every single activity you have and each button you press, that's why most financial institutions now opt out online virtual keyboard to enter the ID and password.
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