Modern World, Robots and Human Relationships

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Who can deny the fact that the colors, favors and dreams of this world spread around us are formed from human relationships. Without rats, this world can not be different from the desert while sitting in the world. The truth of this truth is not the only people associated with poetry and literature, philosophers, psychologists and socialists have always been doing according to their own style and practice.

The difference between changing times of human relationships, change of style and changing the life of life and changing its importance under the changing standard of social system can be different with the difference between time and society, but any of the history Even in the era and in any society, the existence and significance of relationships and their importance was never denied- but the situation of modernization is facing us a big question and a big problem. The question is, will the man be free from his needs in the near future (near future)?

Life can be done both of the way, with free advice, namely unhealthy and sincerely, with responsibility. It really depends on human being on its own objectionable nature. Anyone who has an immunity in nature, should be blown or beaten up with anything, which is worth the tissue. Similarly, the substance of responsibility and responsibility also seems to be seen from the beginning. Such people are usually sensitive. Farqq said:

Many of these steps know very quickly
You know us a lifetime

This is true on all those sensitive people who feel changing and how long the happy smell of new seasons reaches. It can also be observed in the individual's individual life and at the collective or social level. There are people in every society who estimate the situation of the days ahead of time and think about it seriously. The same thing is happening in all the societies that have a social system and ethical system. This thought is not uninterrupted. Because their civilization in the coming days, their society may be a big deal of grief.

The problem is really serious, but also serious. That is why it is not possible to steal eyes. Even if we want to live with responsibility, we have to keep eyes open, have to be aware, watch and think what's going on around us. Which strings are going on. What situation should we face ahead? In this era of Infrastructure Technology, then it means living without information, living on the immune level. Of course, you, none of us would like this. Well, at that time, the problem we are talking about is serious, but the heart is not empty.

This problem is serious and serious because the civilization of human relationships appears to be in Daewoo with all its moral regulations. This is because of the fact that the whole world is a test of human nature. So those who believe in the nature of human nature, believe in it or see it in hope, they can not be incompatible with this problem. Because the question of survival of humanity is important for them. It is believed that here the existence of humanity means that there is no security of Ibn Adam alone, meaning is that in the journey of civilization and civil society, whatever man has learned and understood for his own and his society For the system that has been established and the values ​​that have been set up, the human society should be maintained.

Well, this problem has not been born today. From now on, his mark came to pass, when in the year 8002, Dr. David Levi's book "The Robots and Love and Robots" came to the scene. The conversation started immediately, but the scope of the subject and its discussion remained limited, that few restricted people of some specific constituencies considered this problem worth paying attention. However, in the last twenty-one and twenty-two centuries of the twentieth century, technologically, the technique which has been seen in a rather stunning pace, and its effects as well as the poor of the poor countries in front of the world of riches. People have also arrived, he did not allow the idea of ​​thinking or thinking of this question just to be an ideology or anxiety problem. Now it is being seen as a ground reality that it is not possible to deny. Due to the fact that today's world is becoming a part of our experience, it is not difficult to estimate what is happening in the near future.

The first World War II, Scientific (Technologic) and Psychiatric circles argued on the issue when the conferences started on this topic. The first conference was held in Portugal in 2014. The second was placed in Malaysia in 2015, but the government was banned shortly before holding the conference. However, the second conference was held in London last year (2016). Since then, this subject has been exchanged in many circles, with its various aspects that are related to the problems of social, psychology, science and economics.

Historically, the major changes in Europe's social mood since Natia Sanaan was one of the main reasons for freedom of speech on every topic. It does not matter to anyone that the subject matter is considerable whether it is not, or that the effects on society will be negative that positive. The concept of freedom of expression was accepted. However, this right to freedom of expression has been achieved by everyone, even if it is a matter of knowledge, intellectual or research related to discussion. As a matter of discussion was opened on every topic. Now this freedom is not limited to Hyde Park, but anyone can talk to any topic anywhere else.

As it has generally occurred in human societies that two groups of thoughts, problems, or questions are formed, one who believes in it and the other opponent. It is seen that these two circles generally do not exist after a long-term discussion, but they are initially established.

The same happened in Europe on the issue of robots. On one hand, Dr. Dorskool commented that the idea of ​​love of robots and moments of closeness is often confused, but the day is not far when a person will suffer from the love of robots. Dr. David Levi himself himself said in 7002 that the person's personal status (robot) coming to 0502, will be accepted in the society so that people will get married to him.

When Dr Ean Pierre Sun says that at the time of (2050), the role of robots at places such as the Brotherhood and Strip Club will be so significant and recognized that people prefer their intention for the moment of proximity. But will Not only this, in the lives of ordinary people, the attitude of passionate love with the robots rather than humans would have been promoted to that extent, the ratio of proximity between humans and robots would be much higher in the society. However, in this discussion we also express another behavior.

Representative to her, people like Dr. Catholic Richard Sun, who say that the concept of such relationship with robots is very rude and should refuse such ideas and should not promote the conversation. The more talked about this subject, the sooner the idea will be acceptable to humans. The way to stop such an awesome situation is not to discuss any such topic.

There are some people who do not like silence in this discussion. They raise some more questions about this problem. They ask that a system is found in every society regarding the relation of another human being, which is maintained in a particular society while keeping the moral requirements of such relationship. Will humans and robots also have the same effect on this system?

Will the relation between humans and robots get social status? Similarly, the question has been raised as the right to reject the desire of a man or woman to prolonged the desire of another woman or male, similar robot would have been feeding this level and what Will he be able to use the option of confession or denial?

Dr. Kate Devon, who was part of the presidency presidency of the second conference in London, said, "We should create a new enlightenment in relation to human and robots, in which robots only Do not be seen as a machine or a sexual target, but also to be viewed as a human being, which itself has made man for himself. "Assuming all these things, such questions and such discussions It is not difficult to recognize the vicious position of the robot in the West.

After almost a century ago, the French scholar, Abdul Wahid Yahya (Renaissance), while looking at the stream of time, said that the post is a storm which can not be stopped, no one can be stopped before it. If the past three four centuries of life is kept in front of the truth, the truth of this statement of Renaissance and the reality of this covenant is also considered to be very good.

Today the meaning of the New World Order means that we are completely impressed. Now the traditional concept of war between the nations and the nations has changed a lot. Because of the trend of transforming the world's geography through the war has largely ended. Geographical borders are now maintained. But cultural map is changed. The civilization is given a patent. The concept of social and moral values ​​is terminated. There is no need to go far away, in recent years, examples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Syria are in front of us.

Just looking at the global scenario for sixty sixty years ago, Bretand Russell had seen the archeology of the Middle East. In this awareness he felt the main role of three civilizations, namely Muslim, Chinese and Hindi. Feeling of the triumphant and frequent cultural phenomenon and their deep influence on their own society, Russell had said that all the civilizations would have a central position in the Middle East. He said that all these civilizations should not go to uniformity. They should maintain their own individual identity. Why awareness is east or north or south, why it is acceptable for imperialism.

Because we can see that imperialism has also changed in that era. Today exploitation hackers are used for the name of human freedom, social rights, aid, reform and welfare. An important role in survival and stability of any civilization and society is its individual cultural influence and social system too. The new imperialism has arranged its entirety after considering this fact. Today, from one end to the world, the spread of burgers and cola is visible to others. Leave Pakistan and India so that in the countries of the Third World, politics is playing the same game in the name of democracy that the dictatorship has played.

Here, the political, social, moral and economic instability has been shattered by breaking the social unit. This is the common destiny of the countries of the Third World. Sadly it is more that traditional society such as China, which is, of course, part of the First World, in terms of its construction and development, could not even survive the imperialist hurdles. Now you get to see the world of Cola and Burger. What should he think? Its straightforward and neutral means the infiltration effectiveness, the spread of one color, ie, to destroy the individual identity of civilizations. When both Middle and West are the same, then what is the meaning of the Middle East's awakening.

Today we all can clearly see that human life is being put into a machine building, and this work is increasingly fast. The whole world is changing in a similar society. This means that the Global Village - a non-values ​​and non-cultural society. We must clearly understand the fact that there will be neither a spiritual or spiritual guidance in the life of such society nor will they need such articles, stories and poetry that hear the voice of their soul within them. Make a wish. Give them the way to get up from your existence and think about the real facts of the world around it and its facts, to know and to take a viable way. These will be all the people of the world. People with moral traits, emotional disorder and uncertainty from the spiritual crisis. Life-saving people, life-saving people-like robbery-minded robots.

In this modern world where rapidly human life is taking control of the machines, yet the question of marriage with a robot is a surprise. How can a person set such a relationship with a machine? People here are not talking about this problem right now. Even many European people themselves think of wonder, will this world and its people be like this? People working together in fields of science and psychology in Europe say that this question now comes to mind in mind that the person's physical relationship is related to his heart's effectiveness. And also that they have an idea of ​​aesthetics for this proximity. Experts working on the project say that all these issues will be resolved soon.

As far as we are concerned, we can see that in this era the feature is being promoted with the fact that the desires of human beings are actually created by its needs. Therefore, in his teaching too, he should not work with passion, enthusiasm or enthusiasm. Because of the heart, not just the heart but the need for wisdom. Here we can understand the difference between Middle and West's temperament. The West understands the big object and a different fact, when the Middle East understands the heart. Therefore, the Middle East says:

العقل في القلب.
That's what I think.

Now the matter is aesthetics. Experts wishing to meet all the needs of the robot (including gender and jealousy) from robots, are not even exposed to the Middle East's trend. He says that the woman will be given the robbery to the robots and all the good things of beauty that draw attention to men. Similarly, the male robot will be made to be more attractive than a common man for women. Its straightforward and clear means that in the coming days, the heart's heart and heart surgery will be done out of human life. As such souls, passions, minds, temptations, and fascinating such unusual concepts will be removed from human life. The body and the body will be the only focus. Just then, it will not be difficult to change the aesthetic taste of man.

The fact is that at least at the end of the 20th century, it was not believed that all the goods and services such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and internet would reach the general public. At this time, we have now got Rs. This is a turn of inflation. The other way is to see the journey from today's smartphone to a mobile phone that only calls and send messages in the same period. See the facilities provided by this phone and then look at their value. It should be believed that there should be no billions of dollars and pounds in order to make the world like this, so denying the possibility of doing this would be like eating pigeon eyes.

At this time we must think that in this changing world, we want to maintain our civil, moral and social system, not in which life means only physical needs and desires, but also the human being of the soul Watches Without the soul there is no meaning in the body. If our answer is in effect, then we must consider a heartbeat how it is possible, and what level of measures we need for it is needed.

People like Renaissance hear their trends and problems by listening to the time of coming. That is why he said, the covenant is a storm, and crops are not cultivated in the storm, only seed is saved. This is true of chronic cells, because the seeds can be raised again after seed is left. Whatever strategy we have made for our civil and human life survival, we must keep in mind that at present we do not allow our basic ideas to be lost or lost. Only then we will be able to place a man in the place of man and the robot in a place of robots.
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