Why did Maya civilization be destroyed

We find Maya civilization in the thick forest of South Mexico and Central America. Central Mexico's command thorns ruled very cruelly here, but every kingdom reaches its point of view.

3000 years ago Maya civilization got so much auspicious that it lived for hundreds of years. The descendants of this civilization fought against dangerous conditions and weather here and promoted agriculture, construction and irrigation. After hard work, a civilization was born, which was better than thousands of cultures around the world and it was Maya civilization. Research has proved that they were delighted with the arts, and they also presented the concept of travel. The research article titled Eric Venice written for the National Geographical, which is being translated for translation readers.

The Holum City is considered to be an important part of Maya civilization, but it has not yet been able to get much information about this ancient city. In a glimpse of a general observer, it is a mountain ranging between the Guatemala Forest on the Mexican border. The Pittsburgh basin is somewhat sour and warm but dry from the expectations of the forest, where most of the monkeys often hear in Monaco.

But when closely studying it, it shows that these mountains are very large in the form of large circles. Seeing them, as a traveler travels around the fire in the dark of the night, and it seems that these hills are cut off by cities and some of them are also tunnels. The fact is that these hills do not bail that are pyramids. The ancient pyramid, which lasted thousands of years ago after the destruction of Maya civilization, left for being boiled and earthquake.
Between 250 to 900 CE, Prakash Shanti Maya was a populous populace with civilization. Today, the culture that was seen in Central America and North Mexico today was also the era of political revolutions, in which two united States were confused each other in the desire of imperialism, and one state in the history of Maya civilization A long time ago And it was time when the "Snake King" of the "Canowle" family "ordered the order, no one knew anything about it a while ago. Now experts are trying to understand the story of Snake Kingdom with the help of evidence and remedies from archaeological holidays and other cities.

Hundreds of Holistic experts have never been there before 2000, because it was never so famous as its closest city was "Taskal". Then an Italian-based Guatemalan Francoco, "Estraida" came here. The purpose of his arrival was not to find any material things but that the Maya came here in search of the roots of civilization. The first thing he got was a building near the main pyramid of Holum, where there were remnants of the sacred wall, visitors used to come from remote places for the pilgrimage.

The more strange thing is that those people themselves dismantled themselves as if they want to hide their own history. East Coast passed through the tunnels in its quest to reach Ayram, and they saw that the ancient Americans of ancient times used to prepare their pyramid in different stages, it was at one height. And tunnels were made to reach them.

In 2003, Estrada did research on such a large pyramid with his team, to reach here the first step was to find an ancient mausoleum at the top of the entrance to which the 26-foot long-ancestral body was present. The bodies were protected in a special plaster through a delicate and rare process. Here, three populations were shown together in a heavy cloth, which was a ruler of the kingdom that was coming out of the face of an evil giant and he wrapped two big crane snakes.

It was undoubtedly an effective mastermind, who got to see Estrada. Then Estrada saw a row of stones at the bottom of her, she looked down and then there were some clays at that time. Here he saw a shocking shock and he was a smiling snake. The snake name was named "Kanwal" in these tricks. "We now reached a heartbroken part of Maya history," says Estrada.

From here, this snake was discovered and the "Taskal" discovered the attempts made by them to gain the kingdom. Maya's dominion of the nation's "Taskal" dominated the centuries. In the 750 CE, this vastly populated city consisted of sixty thousand people, and its attractive buildings surprise those who came here. In his quest, experts also found graves made of hundreds of rocks from here, researchers from the books and verses on whose books built a "Tascal" history. In 1960, experts found more scattered pieces around the ancient city. All those symbols in it were pointing out clearly to be the serpent king. In 1973, another archaeological archaeologist "Joyce Marks" found some more clues, which contained the signs and speeches of the city's order.

They were amazed to see that these belongings were also related to the "Tuscal" city. From this he tried to know whether Tuscal city has targeted some other invading invaders? And if so, how did they get this power and whether experts are aware or not? Petite is hot and dry when the roads are blocked here in rainy rain, the poisonous poison and the insects are most populous. Above all, forests are traitors of drug traffickers.

Marx discovered the forest after months of discovery. Passing through here he visited the ruins. The images contained there were gathered. He came to his place where he was "smiling snakes" wherever he went to his research, especially in "Kuala Lumpur" (which is now the south-border area of ​​Mexico). When he reached the camp, it was astonished that the two-year-old pyramids were clearly visible from the atmosphere. It was estimated that it was a population of 50,000 people. Here they get only two clues about these snakes. The British researcher about this mysterious snake, "Simon Martin," was enthusiastic. He collects all the climates from the classic and other small cities that belong to the snakes.

Through these tricks and pictures, it implied political conspiracies and wars to achieve snakes and their empire in Maya Civilization. Martin and other researcher "Nicole Garib" published a book in it, called "Chronical of the Maya King and Queen". In this he described the complete history of the Maya nation and his kingdom, and in this civilization the definition of the century of the Snake has been described as a colorful period, that the authors of the Snakes were like the Black Hole, which Dragged the cities and created a new kingdom. For this, the thought of experts is that it was the Maya Empire.

However, many snakes are still raising questions about these snake order thighs. How did they live? How was his style of government? How fought those wars and the most important question was that they had any connection with the fact? At the end of the fifth century, "Tuscal" city was considered the most powerful state of the region. Near to experts, with the help of "Tothikkan", the city of 650 miles high mountains, made it a great and powerful state. Toothican is now known as Mexico. Until recently, these two cities were considered as the center of Maya civilization. Painting, construction, poetry poetry, weapons and city maps were all set in the same period, but in the sixteenth century, Tothankan separated from the Taskal.

Can not say about the emperor's empire from where his founder came from. Their order is not found anywhere before 635 AD. Some experts call it golden era 100 years ago, but they are just guessing. The first clear clarification about this was from 80 miles to South Dakota, with the city of North Dakota, "Durbnach", which took off the curtains from many secrets. Task was the supporter before the snake kingdom in the sixteenth century, but the snake ruled the king and laid the foundation of his kingdom. In this regard two big kings are named in history.
In which there was a "stone-lioned lion" which ruled for Maya for several decades, then Tuscal united the allies in North Asia against snakes. On the other hand, the snake order was ready to compete, and when the snake king had to leave for the attack on the Taskal, "the god of the snakes" died and instead of his son, the name "heavenly witness" '' Was made king in the spring. This youngest king was an impressed person.

The researchers studied the remains of his son, he found that he was the owner of a strong pigeons and destroyed his skull in a war. The tricks found that the "heavenly witness" had ended the Taskal government on April 29, 596. They fired the kings and sacrificed their lives with rocky blades. Now researchers estimate that Holmels must have destroyed the wall itself, which is estimated by Estrada 1400 years, and what will be to prove their loyalty to the King of such snakes. Thus the snake kingdom begins in this region.

According to experts from Mexico, King "heavenly witness" died only ten years after the victory, and at that time he was in the tenth year of his age. In 2004, "Anchor and Sandra" traced such a poem, where there were also needle made of bone, according to their estimations, the king "heavenly witness" would be given to the tradition of these syas. The total number of snake orders have passed in Tuscal city, out of which two specialists have been found to be experts. The snake order, Ranon, established the second step in the West on a luxurious city, "Pankak". The plank of the Tuscule and the classic was a fine and beautiful city. His heart was in the palm mountains and the hills of the beautiful mountains of Mexico.

There was plenty of water due to many rivers and water resources, even in the basins, water access was arranged. The city with ten thousand population was not too big. But here the civilizations opened by the civilization and the West's way to attack the invaders. So the snakes also turned there with their new King "Scrolling Nagon" and attacked all the planets like the planets, attacked the city of Planke, and the Queen of Plank tried to save his city, finally, April 21 599 surrender the snake order in front of DM Due to the fulfillment of its wide wishes, the continuation of fights and attacks gave a special place in the civilization of the snakes' era. According to a researcher at the University of Mexico, his attack on Plank City was also a part of the widespread government plan. Behind these attacks, the fulfillment of a more powerful rule over the material acquisition of material things.

After the heavenly witness and the combo serpent, the king's appearance in the Empire of the Snakes was "Yatum II". It proved to be a king, he established a strong political system in Maya's plains in his fifty-year-long rule. Then, after being bribe of bribe from perfection, then sometimes threatened to threaten the "Cyrus" and "Astras" states. His goal was to achieve political leadership.

The archaeologists tried to discover these places again at the beginning of the early 1970s, when it appeared to be sold in the black market of fine and rocky stones, the rocks had a complex language, and the rock stole the rock from anywhere. To bring them abroad so that they can be smuggled abroad. Often the marks and scales of rocks were "smiling snakes". Researchers did not know the place from which these stones were being brought, as they gave the name "Q" to this place.

In April 2005 a team of experts left Patent's forest with maps. They made their way through the lagers' use of food and entered through the pyramid. "Quinto" says, "I saw these stones and hit the back side of the surprise. Did we really reach something that was discovered? It seemed like a script. I have not seen such a wonderful view of the engraving between soil and plants. We prepared it to take it right away and assured that this is our desired place, "site Q".

This place was named "Secret" in the Maya Empire, it appears that this place had some special place in the era of snake era ruler. A snake here was celebrated for the pursuit of princess education and three snake princesses were abducted here. Contrary to other areas, there is no more warfare here. The kings have passed here as "Sunglasses", "White Worm" and "Red Turkey". The panels surrounding it indicate that alcohol was used as a drink and the instruments Musical instruments used flute. In this study, Quintu also found that King "Atom II" visited this place before the capital was moved. King Atom can be seen sitting on the throne in a satisfactory manner.

"Secret" was not the only place where the snakes were victorious, that the whole Maya Empire was named "king" at the place of place in the entire kingdom. Her daughter, whose name was "Water Flowers", was married to Shahzad Waqa, who became a queen of a powerful war, who set a new king in the north and south areas, The king also attacked the emperor, he took the Queen's loyalty. He established a new way to keep trade contacts with the Allies in the south of the Empire.

During research experts, this strange thing also discovered that the Allied kings of the Snake King did not recognize them separately, nor used symbols or kings. They did not even use them to be exquisite as kings. Meanwhile, the classic snake used to address a "kumom" address for himself, "the King of the Kings". The snake order focused on the attention of the enemy tile, which often took revenge. Also tried

In 651 King Ekum and his puppet allies attacked the Tuscal. After nearly two centuries, the Taskal again emerged as a snake order, defeated him and killed his king. The question for experts arises how the Taskal's powerful captain was able to re-snake the kings. Perhaps the Maya Empire needed to be more cautious when making the alliance, and it could also be because the snake king left the defeated King after the victory of King.

For this, the Allied King's Allies used to request mercy for the king, because in his mind it was said that if the king was killed, the next turn is his and the third reason is that the Maya The army of kings of the castle was not too big. The reason for this, however, is that the "Atom II" played political game with a lot of skill and talent. After winning the war, instead of handling the Tulsal to his coalition, "Heavenly Hammer", he held a meeting with the King of Tuscal and introduced it as a successor to his son "Pawja Pan". Atom II died at 86. The people of "classic" did not prove to be more fortunate that the new king was from a generation who was suffering from adolescence, addicted to soft foods and obesity, new king running state like his father He had the desire but his kingdom failed in short time. She beaten up many wars.

The Taskal again emerged in 695, which was sent to the army by the snake order Renaissance. The history about this, certainly, did not tell anything that King "heavenly Hammer" had got upset with some of its allies, some of whom were king's "pawns of fire" with severe disorders of the spinal cord. I could not encourage my sheep to suffer, the reason is anything, but one thing is fact that the stars were no longer bright for them. The snake kingdom changed its way from here and turned towards "Chitra", but there was his government, but the King "Panj of the Fire" died, and took a very beautiful dream of the great order of the Snake Empire

Experts say that snakes have never seen power, but their remaining effects seem to be visible. In 711 CE, the largest ally of the Snake Kingdom, "Narorno" claimed that he is still loyal to Snake King, as a new prince in "Secrets", but now the Snake lost its ability to cut. Neighborhoods were celebrating Ali Al-Ashman's "Shiny Kingdom" which clearly showed that they refused to accept the Snake Kingdom.

In the next century, Tuscan mostly punished the snake kingdom's allied states, such as Holmilles, Narnes, Caracoli and Via. Now the people of the sect attributed themselves to hatred and separation from the war and attributed to the prince of Tushal, not only to themselves, that they should also marry her in a family house in 791. Despite that all, the Taskal Snake could not get the power and power of the kingdom, and during the mid-800's, the Maya civilization was boiled. This may be due to the disadvantage of the population due to the disadvantages, defect and long-lasting dangers, which led to this great emperor chaos and ultimately lost to the name and mark.

The question is that if the snake was a kingdom, would this civilization survive evil? What would happen if "Fire Paw" did not defeat the Taskal Government in King 895? Experts say that "David Fried" says "I think this could be destroyed by the destruction." "Another researcher, near the other", has long been the dominant and occupier of the same castle. Become a major cause due to intimidation, chaos, wars and dangers. "

Maybe in the next few years we might get answers to all our questions. Today, 40 years ago, the empire was described as anxious, imaginative and rumorous. Research today named him the greatest and powerful Maya Empire. From the continuing research, experts will be able to bring us the exact picture of this wonderful past. There are still many rare inspections about experts about the Snake Empire. "Roman Carrassa" says that they have never fallen from their own point of view. However, archaeologists are looking for the truth. In 1966, Roman Carrasso participated in the excavation of the classic and discovered the pyramid of 300 BC. When they made stones from the upper part of the pyramid, there was a remnant of a body, they say that when we picked up the batter, we could see many bones below.

In addition, there was a lot of soil, which was known to be the same time. It took nine months in the excavation of this magazine, and it came to know that this is a magical king, the king's body was wrapped in a multifunctional shawl, with large pearls attached. With this, a woman and a child's body was found there.

The king's body was covered with soil and dust, due to which the face was not showing, then with a brush he carefully took care of the skull with a brush. According to research, this man was heavy in weight, very attractive to the king, there was a plate made of ceramic, on which he was headed by a snake head and wrote down "Claw of fire's plate" This plate has been "King Panj of Panch". After the skull cleaning, the first thing that the experts saw was an eye, which was looking at them from the past.
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