What secrets do humans have in life? Experts discovered

Colombia: In an interesting study, Columbia Business School specialists have discovered that every person hides 13 things in his life from around the world, or 13 secrets in his entire life. Five secrets are so confident that they do not mention them, but 8 things tell them to their closest friends - they make themselves secret.

There are some things in every human life that they do not like to bring in front of others, but they try not to find any of them. In the past the investigation has shown about 13,000 such things that people hide from others while their nature can lead to minor errors.

Psychologist Business School psychiatrists started studying more than 2000 volunteers after distributing all these things into 38 categories (categories), on one hand to them on various questionnaire, while on the other hand in the last few years His mental and physical health was also reviewed regarding individual secrets.
After a review of almost two years, it came to know that the number of things related to the person kept secret was as frequent as psychological pressure, which resulted in feeling self-relieved and tired. Used to do

But the effect of concealing things about yourself and wraping your personality into curtains is not only this, but the more secrets related to yourself, they forget the way too quickly and their memory is often affected. . Apart from this, they not only feel physically ill, but also increase the chances of depression, persistent anxiety and various physical diseases in the next age.

In this study, it came to pass that the secret of concealing a secret does not matter how important it is, but that decision is made by man himself, which secrets are more and more Is less important or less.

Sometimes, hiding a minor reality of your life sometimes becomes a synonym for a person to take a mountain for a person, when he hides the most important secrets from him very easily, and without feeling much stress over his nerves.

It means that being a small or larger person of secrets and its physical and psychological effects is not related to its own nature and nature, but with an impression that exists in the mind of an individual.

The results of this research have been published in the latest issue of "Journal of Personality and Social Physics".
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