Water pipeline, which established peace in the Pakistani village

Gilgit-Baltistan: There were conflicts coming from a shortage of water in a small village located in the northern areas of Pakistan, but now there has been a rule of peace and a fruit line from a pipeline of water from several kilometers away. Is flowering

The village named Sasa is situated in the village of 500 houses which work as a farmer and a farmer. Until a year ago there was a severe scarcity of water, which led to serious conflicts. Once a week, a family got water for only half an hour, which was causing problems with theft and treason. Earlier, people had to go down to the river down to the valley to wash the bath and clothes.

Now, there is a pipeline connected to the water sources obtained from the springs and melting snow on the Qarraghar hills, 6 kilometers away from here, which brings water from there due to being in a loft. This water is not only for all the population, but it is also encouraging agriculture. A pipe of water has established lasting peace in the area.
The pipeline is placed in three feet deep in the ground, which reaches a large tank, which can accommodate 30 thousand liters of water. The tank water goes to the fields with small distances and also meets the needs of four thousand people.

Aishha Khan, associated with the Mountain and Glacier Protection Protection Organization (MGPO), a non-profit organization working in Gilgit-Baltistan, says that the entire system brings down five billion liters of water in the year, which is quite sufficient for the needs of the whole year. .

A winter winter in the area is less and ice is getting less, while summer is getting too long and warm. It is raining on the rain and stress on agriculture, as well as problems of food security.

Residing in Saxa and a local exhibition from Gilgit-Baltistan, Lion Akhtar says that now there is peace in this area.

The project has cost Rs. 15 crores, 20% of the amount and village workers provided and remaining 80% of the money have been paid by the Coca-Cola Company.

A woman living in here, Sakina said, a few years back, there was a lot of water in the villages because water was very cold in the winter. But now the cold intensity and snowfall is falling, which has severely damaged agriculture and economy.

Sikhena said agriculture has become possible due to the large tank of water and also has grown tomato, eggplant and baddy in the absence of the mountain which was not possible earlier. Apart from this, flowers have increased in the area.

Before the construction of a pipeline and tank, bringing water from remote areas for women was a very painful process and it only had hours. Now water supplys water clean and away from diseases. People here are selling more vegetables than necessities and selling them to which they get extra income.

Within the help of water, people under you have made more than 10,000 trees and now this picnic has become a place of picnic.
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