Violent animal attacks spread terror into human settlements

This world, this is the only dream from our lives on our planet. The human being is a princess, but if the animals are not there, then the earth is deserted and unusual.

There is no doubt that if the inhabitants of the earth reside with the tide of humans, the animals living here also increase it, and the harmony between these two forms a system that can survive the survival of our world. It is necessary for security. But sometimes it happens that wild animals and dried fish species disturb the situation in some parts of the world. They target human settlements in a manner that settle the settlements of the settlements.

Obviously, the biggest reason for this is the imbalance between humans and animals which cause a great loss for both. Then humans have to move and they take important steps to overcome this imbalance and create a balance between humans and animals, then there is a possibility of presence on both of them. Let's know about some events in this regard:
The Cultivation of the Cats in California, Pennsylvania:
It is of 2012 when thousands of people invaded thousands of American states in California, a small town in Pennsylvania, and destroyed the whole area. The residents of this town said that thousands of cranes and crushed sounds were unbearable for them.

Someone said that these sounds were cut off like rainy droughts and some said that these sounds were even faster and severe than the alarming clock, which was not possible to tolerate. The most important thing was that if a large number of birds were attacked together at some place, there could be many major and dangerous problems due to this, because such a number of birds reached somewhere in a place of nausea and Fear could cause spread of dysfunction, not only people could have affected, but that the urban community here was also afraid to harm the infrastructure. Anyway, California's population of California has been occurring in winter in most of California's cities.

Due to this, it is said that the birds are attractive to the brightness of urban areas and light in the winter season and come here, they also get heat which is necessary for their existence. Local Officers use these fossils that produce black ghee spray, which would cause harmful sparrows to plants for the invasion of the invaders to drive away from here. Nor does it cause any disorder for the birds.

However, the invading smoke spray was sprayed due to the withdrawal of grapefruit juice to overcome these attackers, which could not bear it and left the place immediately. Since that day, local officials do this same spoil to save this problem.

* Black bear of Siberia became troubled:
Russia is situated near Luchegorsk's town in Siberia near the China border. In 2014, it was surrounded by the entire area of ​​wild black bears, where all the dough used to bear bearings. Initially it found that 36 hungry thirsty bearers entered the region in search of food. A local person gave this organized invasion of the beard to a military campaign, because it came exactly in the form of soldiers and started searching for food as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, there were also many fearsome competition among the local people and the number of guests coming here, after which local officials have issued instructions for the protection and security of the locals that they would spend more time in their homes. Stay inside and do not try to get out of there. But because these black bears were constantly becoming a threat to the locals, so many of them had to die even if they were. On the other hand, these bears took about five people, after which a local task force had to be formed at the local level to cope with this danger, feeling of seriousness of the situation.

Where did this black bear come from? It did not come suddenly, because it had never happened before. After a lot of research, it came to know that the original and basic matter was that the black bear lived in a forest in the forest, there was a decline in pignoli. Pignoli is called Aninas or Greens of Green, which these black bears eat with great hobbies and hard drinks. This is the most important component of their diet and the biggest ingredients, due to its lack of black bears, hungry hunger. Say that she entered the town of Luchegorsk in the frustration of the abdominal fire. But here even when they could not find the desired food, then they started attacking the people of the town, which created all the conditions.
How to get rid of brutal camels?
It is in 2009 when at the Docker River in the northern part of Australia 6,000 thirsty and wildly camels sprouted together.
These camels were originally brought to Australia, so that they could travel through vicious, deserted and dry places, as far as possible to reach other animals. After that the system of immunization began to improve, most of them camel camels.

Then there was a strange situation, that it became hard to control these irrelevant camels, and the camel continued to walk on camels, even though they drowned the Docker River. They were looking for water, they needed water, in which they were coming from a place like Dewanas in the second place.

In this effort, these camels polluted the clean water supply deposits, broke the security battle and destroyed all the water tanks. Let's say that the government had to move to cope with Australia. He announced to start a special program of camel cleaning, in which camels were hanged with helicopters on large lines and bound to move from one place to another. Although there was a lot of problems in this program, many people and the nations opposed it, but the Australian government did not care about anyone, and got rid of these wings and fearless camels across the border. As of 2012, almost a million barren camels were reached across the border.

Can Japanese Island Cannon End?
Near Japan's Saga Communist, a small island named Caicar is located in the Naval Genial. By 2016, there were a population of around 200 people, they are not local or descent here, but it was 15 years ago on a island that came from Kyushu to a nearby island, swimming in the sea, three from here Kilometer is located.

Then their population grew, but not as much as the local peoples population had. At this time, there are 300 hundred settlements in this island's coconut, that is, the number of pigs is three times compared to 100 people. The island grows a lot of thanksgiving and lumpy crops, the island is full of them. These are more than a large number of humans, but it never causes any risk or harm to humans. The main purpose of this island was to produce camellias or herbs for make-up equipment and the second goal was tourism. But when these boys hurt these camellias, tourism also ended. The island is uncomfortable, therefore dogs can not be hunted here by dogs. Then the locals and the trees planted also obstruct the way. If nothing is done in this case, the Ka'ka island will remain unimportant and it will not make any difference to it.

Depth of poisonous black snakes:
Two Guides in Ghana Municipality of Ejisu are located: Essienimpong and Kwaaso. It is April 2016 that poisonous and black snakes on both sides have invented. This region is surrounded by vegetables and plants all around, so in the beginning people thought that these snakes would come from their places. The more annoying thing was that these black snakes started sheltering people's homes after entering both the villages, they entered the closet of local people, in the closet and in their bathrooms. The people who lived there were very uncomfortable. He tried to hunt or kill those snakes as far as possible, but he did not pass all the salvation. Anyway, more than 60 snakes were killed in a short period, but they still kept crying around the people across the island.

The locals here believed that the arrival of these black snakes caused disadvantages of the walls. They are very angry with us and especially our teens, whom are punishing us. He said that our young men are inexperienced. They hang on the sides of the streets in the streets and the bushes of non-violent acts, due to which this punishment has been imposed upon us. When the situation could not be handled in any way, local officials came in motion, they visited the island and sprayed germs in the entire area. After the spring he collected 300 dead snakes and after reviewing that these snakes were there, but they were not completely poisonous, so they did not have any risk to know.

* When Penguin Become Trouble:
Penguin is a popular bird who is loved by love and love throughout the world. But the idea of ​​the closest to this bird is quite different. African penguins in the Gulf Dated in South Africa often come to an enormous fertility. By 2012 the houses of the city were embarrassed by the arrival of the bird. They broke the security jawans out of local homes. Penguin used to come so much that every attempt to keep them from their homes failed to fail. Some people complained that they had a lot of odor, somebody had said that they also bite people. Some people suspected that when the penguins make noise in their sound sounds, gold becomes difficult at night.

People also said that their voices are odd and fierce as donkey sounds. Let's say that the complaints took place after local authorities had to take action and they spoiled the lives of local population from these birds. But it is also known that in 2016, there were threats to the penguins, because they used to eat dough in the whole area of ​​the Gulf Dentist. In the same attack, these cruel birds had killed 33 penguins.

* Elephants Attack in Lithuania's Guys:
We all know that a large part of West Africa targeted Ebola's disease, which had a tremendous worries in the entire world, that whatever possible measures were taken to prevent it, after some such surprises The results also came to light that experts and surprises caused problems. In 2015, elephants of ghosts in the Liberia region called Jageloken entered into the way that they destroyed enough crop crops and damaged their homes and property. Why did this happen? Who and why did the elephants laugh that they entered into a destructive way?

The answer is that in areas where the trees started to plant elephants, when they were elephants, then elephants left elephants, leaving their shelters and turned towards the adjacent areas. The second reason for this is that when the governments banned bush hunting, this problem was created. Both of these methods help in preventing Ebola virus. Despite this official ban, the people of the village go to the jungle today and not only harvest these trees, they also sell their rods, which makes this situation worse.

The polar bear also became a problem:
The ice sheet is rising on Gulf Hudson, which causes problems for polar bears, once they are displaced and others are also deprived of the natural areas where they suffer from the centuries. Have come Let's say food delivery became a major issue for these poles. The situation in 2013 has deteriorated so much that the Asas white bears were also found in the church of Central Canada, Churches in Canada. This is a brutal and a terrible animal, which is said that if it is hungry, anything can be done. It can also ruin its hunger by attacking humans. Churchill City has long been famous for its white poles and global tourism.

Many tourists had come here and offered poles of polar bears and they wanted to enjoy it again. As of 2013, 168 incidents were reported that the polar bears were confused with the results whose results were not good. Soon, the bears became afraid. A white bear attacked a woman, injured her severely, and blew her ear. In this situation the government decided that it would try to control the population of the polygon and will allow a large extent of victimization of this kind of animal in Churchill and Arviat. It is clear that Arviat is a Scamo population in the north of Churchill, which is living peacefully for centuries.
As far as the salt asham batsman:
It is in May 2016 that at least one hundred o'clock batsmen on the town of Bay Batman's New York City invaded at least one hundred and fifty lambs, resulting in each tree and every level of this area, they saw the same batsmen. Was giving Territories were living in their own homes. They close all the windows, doors and bright gates of their homes so that they should not enter this fearless bat. These lions were like a beef-like fox. They are called fox, because their forms get fox. They have been involved in the fear of animals, but in a list of rare categories, so they could not be killed. There was a big problem for the authorities how to deal with this difficult situation. Many groups and people sat down and sat down and started thinking.

The top officials suggested that they should be tried to leave the smoke or scared by the noise, but animal rights organizations such as asking the city to calm down and wait. He assured that this problem would be solved soon. Finally the city was funded by $ 2.5 million, so that the problem could be dealt with with the bat. But till June 2016 this city was still under siege and has not yet been saved.

* Frog's destruction:
The most fearsome and worst example of animal attacks on human populations in the world is found in 1952. This event was present in Oukunsun's small town, Oktoot, when 175 million Ledd Fergus (Green Mile Mandk) had suffered the entire city with fear and terror. Vegetable or brown, this frog belongs to North America and is white or black spots like a preparation on the body. The situation was so bad that if the car showed a car, then the bandels were completely covered. The dogs were afraid of these fearful frogs, in the dark, everywhere, fearful and bright eyes are seen in this city.

In this area due to such a large number of these frogs, there was unusual moisture that had covered the whole area of ​​green Bay (Gulf green) and this year, if this water was not kept, then the frog came here. . Then as the summer started, all of them left the city and everything became normal. At this time the frogs used to be widely used for scientific purposes, and they were caught in the north, because they were sold as well on good money ahead. The effort was to be done, today the situation is that the north-lipad frogs are becoming counted in the form of animals' substances.
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