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Squirrel in Turkey got synthetic paws

Turkey's daily newspaper "Sobbahah" has published a news of a special incident regarding a squirrel in Turkey.

According to the newspaper, this strange incident occurred in Batman in Turkey, where a squirrel named Caramel was stuck in both of his hunter's trains, but later on, Turkey's university specialists took artificial wheels. Able to run and run. This kind of caramel was saved from its disability. It is said that this is the first squirrel of the world, which has been able to walk in the form of a wheel. For this kind of caramel, the life has become once again fun and easy, which she had started getting a punishment for a while. Now she wakes up everywhere with the help of these wheels.

Shortly a short time ago, Caramel ran into a field of Batman that the next part of the fifth of the birds stuck into hunter-shredded donkeys, and when it was not possible to get it out there, both of them had to cut through the operation. Due to poor caramel, always lost forever from both sides. Following this new life of Caramel, the hands of some specialists of the Animal Aydin University, who love animals and weeds, have made it all possible. These university scientists set up a set of artificial wheels for caramel, which can be placed in both the paws. Caramel is fasting healthy now.

Surgeons operating it hopefully they get accustomed to it soon and will soon eat themselves. Apparently, Ayramel is feeling very happy with its changed condition, so he will add to these wheels shortly.

The hunter himself got victimized
A 51-year-old hunter, experienced an experienced hunter hunter, in Maryland, arrived in the hospital, injuring a hunter flying in the sky, when a hunter fired fire, he died and then died and then this dead laugh was the hunter-Robert Mile Hammer fell on the head, due to which a hunter had a serious injury that she was strangely and injured. In fact, Robert Mel Hammer went to Hansen in Maryland, near the River Miles with his three friends.

It was the evening of five o'clock when another hunter attacked a plane flying fire, which took a laugh and went into a dead condition on the head of Robert Mel Hammer, due to which he was badly He was injured and two teeth were broken, he was transferred to the hospital in the same condition, but later his condition improved. It is said that the bird grows up to 10 to 14 pounds and if it falls on a human head then it can be estimated that what will happen to her.

Bridal mouth on the wedding day
By the way, in most of the world's countries, odd rumors are celebrated with bride and bride, but in Scottishland, it is treated with the bride that you will not even think. This foolish face is black. The guest guests laugh and laugh at this opportunity and express their happiness in every way. But some of Scottish people also call it a madness, because they think it's not a pleasure to blacken the bride's face on the occasion of marriage and that's why they do not like it.

Scottish people are not like other European people, their men wear skirts on important occasions, and they can also play music with their bags. But their behavior with their bride does not look good, because they throw new items on the bride's mouth, especially on the bride's mouth, which make the face of this unbelievable black. They call their ritual "Call of Bride Mouth". It is Scotland's oldest ritual that has been celebrated in Scotland for centuries. A sudden attack on the bride makes anxiety disturbed, because it does not even make an assessment and the guests crawl with any strange thing for it. They can also rain on milk on the bride, throw them on dirty eggs, and with this diamond, thick soil and other syrups, they also make a similar appearance.

Twelve people took revenge

American Twelve Years are found in the wild areas of Canada and North America. This animal is a great transition. Last week, an American twist of a 12-year-old boy in Alaska's snowy jungle made a big move, he woke up on a man's foot which was seen by astonishing people, because his kitten hurt the man badly. . But later, when the visitors found that this twelve did not take initiative, but the person did the initiative, and the American was blamed for the twentieth century.

In response, twelveteen revenge from him, and in the same way he used to get a penny on the way the man had invented. This man did not kill the American Twelve only, but also his child stumbled, taking revenge, twelveteen, struck the man so strong that he badly injured him because of this man You have to enter the hospital too. After this incident American Twelve Sangha and her child got upset and went away from the area. This incident appeared in front of the soldiers serving in Alaska, which is a witness of this incident.
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