The oldest samples of human skill

Man always looks his past attractive and he is curious about history. He is interested in knowing about things that are in use in today's modern times, but where did these things begin? Art, photography, architecture and music etc.

The underlying article has been attempted to convey information to the readers who are counted in the world's oldest things to date.

Remember that the oldest things are not always the "first" thing, but are the oldest things to come to the scene. When the books of history are incomplete, museums are "antique" stores The heritage, mythology and the remains of the heritage and family heritage in the houses show us a solid glimpse of old age style, mortgage, selfishness, civilization and needs.

-1 recording (formatting):
Many people believe that the tape recorder invented the famous inventor Thomas Edison. While the fact is that a French inventor named Paris, who was named "Edovard-Leon Scott", had been executed several years ago, in France around 1860, France. . Scot made this "Phonebook to Graph" invented patent in 1857. It is believed that in 1860 he first recorded his own recording in his recording machine based on a French folk song "Av Clair de la lune". It is considered to be the first known musical recording ever. Scot recording and phonographography discovered in 2007.

-2 photography (crude picture):
Joseph Nicephore Niepce, another French man, pulled a picture of his property at the time of "Burgundy" in France from 1826 to 1827. This picture is named (View From the Window at Le Gras). The picture is not so clear as we see pictures of today. But it will be believed that in this context, the picture was a wonderful development in technology.

In fact Joseph also had a picture in 1822. This picture was inspired by the spiritual pope of the Christians "Pope Pius VII". After many years, Joseph unfortunately, trying to prepare a copy of his scratched image, lost his original picture.

-3 globally
The "Aid Eiffel" globe is not the world's first glue but it is certainly the oldest ever-known model of the Earth. In German, "Erdapfel" means "Earth apple". The name of this globe is "Behmime Gobb", which is known as its "maker Behimm". He made this globe in 1491. He was a resident of Germany's "Nuremberg" city. By this time, this globe was an inspiring thing, but soon after its creation, the Beehmime Globe proved to be a mistake, because it had many sermons. There was also a major role in proving the world map in this globe, including Christopher Columbus, who discovered the United States during the same period, and he enlightented Europe with new maps of this part of the world.

-4 University:
Located in "Faiz", the city of Morocco, "Qibrabon" is considered as the world's oldest university, which was inaugurated in 854. This university was initially built as a mosque. This mosque was built by Fatima Al-Hariri, a wealthy trader's daughter. He made the wealth of his father inherited in this fine work and made it extremely positive. Here, prominent Muslim scholars were invited to address and invite. After passing away, his building was shattered. However, the Moroccan Ministry of Commerce started its renovation and renovation in 2012.

Muslims today are very in the field of education throughout the world. The University of any Muslim country is not counted in the first five hundred in the global rankings, but this Morocco university has the opportunity to get the world's oldest university place. It is also honorable for all Muslims, and we are worried about the fact that we Those who are in front of the world in the field of knowledge today are the victims of pride, while our religion gave us the 'Iqrar' as the first order and to get knowledge of Muslims from Quran and Hadith. The importance is also Muslim.

-5 Restaurant:
The restaurant called Stiftskeller, located in Austria, "Salzburg", is a thousand years after its establishment, in the same area as "St.Peter's Abbey" The building is showing its pocket from the entire water in which he was founded in 803. It is considered the world's oldest restaurant. Some part of this restaurant was built to stone rocky rocks near St. Peter's monastery. This historic restaurant claims that she has been getting the privilege of hosting many celebrities and royal people. The family owner of this restaurant was also living in the same town where the famous musician "Mozart" was born, so the restaurant hosted it. Customers coming here can also enjoy the melodies made by eating tonight.

-6 leather shoes:
These shoes, known as the oldest five hundred and five years old, found in the US's 2008 "Areni" caves in the city of Vayots Dzor. This footwear has been found. These shoes are made of cow's leather piece and are still in the best condition. They were protected by grass-solid and sheep's mangoes.

-7 Map of the world (Map):
The world's oldest map was discovered from Iraq. It was manufactured in 300 to 700 BC and it is on the stone plate. It was built during the famous Babylonian civilization of Mesopotamia. This map shows Babylon area of ​​Iraq in the center of the earth. Experts have identified this area as the adjoining areas such as "Assyria". In this map, water is seen around the earth and it is named "Salken Sea". Various areas are described in reference to the heroes of the era and the surrounding beasts in the form of textile style. This map was found in Iraq in the 1800s and is now a celebration of the British Museum.

-8 Tablets:
The Etruscan Gold Book is said to be a book containing the world's oldest numerous pages. This twenty-four cereals are made of six layers of gold, which are tied with round balloons. On these layers, ancient Italian civilization "Etruscan's letter of letters, horses, watches, a burning fairy and icons of soldiers are engraved. From 6-6 to 660 BC, this book was discovered during a digging in Bulgaria in 1943. This book is now placed in the National History Museum of Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria.

9. Currency or Coin:
It is said that the ancient kingdom of Lydia (the present turkey) was the first state that coined in its kingdom, and it is approximately 750,000 years ago - 750-560 BC . These coins, called "Staters", were made of natural gold and silver made of metal made from the electrum, so that they were protected from time-consuming defeat. Can be used In the form of Emperor Lydia's aid, these coins spread throughout Europe. In 2014, a divergence in Bulgarian got mixed in such a syphilus black.

-10 Bridge:
If something is out of date then it does not mean that it is not usable now. It proved to be the "The Mycenaean" bridge, which became "Kazarma" in Arkadiko, the city of Greece, which is approximately 1300-1200 BC - today It was built three thousand years ago and is still used as a daily day. Arch is a masterpiece of this bridge engineering, which has no adhesive material to use to pair and pair. Small barriers like railings on both sides of this bridge have also been made, whose purpose was to avoid crossing the routes.

-11 Music written signs:
The piece of clay written by music written is called the "Hurrian Hymn No.6", which is known as the goddess of ancient Syria's "Nikkal" A compiled music is based on the music and was created around 1400 BC. Near the ancient Syrians, the "Orchestra" was the fruit of the fruit. This piece of soil was discovered in the city of Syria from Ugarit in the 1950s. This song written in the language of music is engraved in ancient pillow style writing on soil clay. There are also complete instructions on how to play the song on the clay on this piece of soil. Before discovering this piece, historians believed that the signs written by music are just as old as the ancient Greek civilization but this discovery proved to be false.

-12 Sunglasses:
People in the hot sunshine, in the summer of summer, are well aware of the importance of sunshine springs. But it is not that these springs are a modern era. In ancient times, people were also aware of the needs and significance of these spices to avoid sunlight. The general observation is that whether the sunshine is summer or winter in the snowy areas, he tears his eyes. The sun-reflecting sun on the ice is also harmful to the eyes, such as a sunny summer summer. That is why the old people of North America used to use sunglasses to avoid ice-reflecting sunglasses. The large skeletons of "sponge" cell called "seal", also known as sea tiger, were tooths such as elephant teeth. The upper part was made to see in front of it. Similarly, in the twentieth century CE also used to be used in fiberglass springs.
-13 Religious Psychology:
"The Egyption Book of the Dead" was a collection of instructions for the smuggling Egyptians, who used to guide Mate to examination in the world's stages. The collections and pictures of this recipe were first discovered from the famous Magar (Araham) regarding the third-century ancient Egyptian government. This ancient covenant of ancient Egypt used to be around 4,600 years ago, from 2613 to 2670 BC. Later, the book was so popular in ancient Egyptians that ordinary Egyptians also started to copy a copy of their grave in their grave. The length of such a copy is measured forty feet.

-14 Tree:
Scientists have recently discovered that the world's oldest tree is 5,067 years old. The tree belonging to "Bristlecone" is a type of coincidence, which is in the late 3050 BC, and the American state is located in the White Mountain region of California. Before the honor of being the world's oldest tree, another tree in the same area was "Methuselah". The right place for these trees is kept secret so that they can be avoided.

-15 Food:
The oldest food is not found in the collectively used friendship refrigerator, but it is believed that it is a piece of double-bread bread that was found from England's Oxfordshire. The double bread piece called "Neolithic Burnt Bread", which is 5,500 years old - 3620-3350 BC, is black due to burnt, a piece of first string on its discovery. Was imagined. Then an archaeologist investigated the particles of crushed "ju" in this piece. It was discovered that it is a double bread because in the Neolithic period, it was to cultivate farming in England.

-16 Crown:
The world's oldest crown found in a cave from Israel's Desert Caveyard, located in the center of the Dead Sea, in 1961. Before its discovery, the crown was about six thousand years - 4,500-3,600 BC in this cave. It is not like golden silver or diamond jewelery like today's crowns, but it is a simple metal crown, which has been absorbed by the eyebrows of donkeys and fibers. This crown is from the era of Copper Age, copper, during this season of the season of the Nahal Mishmar Hoard, which was found thousands of years ago in this desert area. . This crown is a great example of this skill.

-17 The oldest right-handing building:
The three-story building built in the nine thousand BC stands for eleven thousand today standing up. This building lies in the "West Coast" area of ​​Palestin and its name is the "Tower of Tericho". The building is related to the Neolithic Period. The "Navalik Ped" is called the last round of the Stone Age. According to the Gospel, the devil tried to test Jesus, the building was built near the same place. The archbishop near the archaeologists, perhaps the building of people of this era, was built as a resort, aimed at protecting from darkness and light.

Generally, "Mimi" recognizes the ancient Egyptian civilization. But, in fact, the initial examples of "mimi" are met with continental South America. The South American country "Chale" desert "Atacama's flavors, called" Chinchoro ", used to make their men suspect. Of course, unlike the ancient Egyptians, "Chenkoro" was not merely rich and powerful, but also made it possible for everybody who died. His time is of 5050 BC. After so many passes, most of them became worse, but many mammals have been protected by the archaeologists.

-19 Shoes:
These shoes, found in the year 1938 from Fort Rock Cave, state-of-the-art "Oregon" near the western coast of America, are considered to be the world's oldest shoes. Luther Cressman, a knowledgeable scientist, discovered dozens of sandals pressed by volcanic fiber. According to scientists, this rock was born seven and a half thousand years ago due to the exploding of a volcanic flame of "Mazama", and it concealed the past 7,700 to 8,970 BC under the world. Ignored Experts used to determine fiber used in these yarns for thousands of years. These shoes are made of a type of bell, called "Shredded Sagebrush".

-20 Worship:
Many religions found in the present era started thousands of years ago. A church discovered in Turkey is considered as the world's oldest worship place. This place called "Gobekli Tepe". It is believed that the worshiper built the sky and the brightest and bright star stars "Segara Star" (Shree Stara) in the clubs of the club, as the castle of the place on the ground It is located below the stars. Despite all of these speculations, it is not clear that the beliefs and customs of the people of this religion.

-21 Photo Gallery:
The country, which has a wealth of two great names named "Pacasu" and "El Greco", has the honor of the presence of the world's oldest pictures made in the caves. This country is Spain. In 2012, using a research in Carbon Dating technique (which is estimated to be a conservative part of the carbon), in 2012, a research conducted in "Spain" The picture made in a castle of El Castillo has passed forty and four years. This image was created earlier than 38,800 BC. Experts believe that the people who created this photo belonged to the "Neanderthals" generation. The people of this generation have passed Europe in the past thirty toty thousand years ago.

-22 Devices Music:
Since the recorded music sunlight, 40,000 years ago people were not unbelievable, but the fact that they used to make their own music styles. According to the researchers, the bamboo mushrooms of German Hohle Fels Cave are made of German bone, known as "Mammoth", and are forty and three to twenty-five. Thousands of years old Although human beings of this era may not be able to make regular music styles, but scientists say that at least this discovery is proved that Germany's famous discovery of the Danube area is a key importance in human evolution. It is

-23 Jewelery:
The oldest ornaments of the world dating to Croatia, "Krapina" two years ago, are approximately 130,000 years old, about 128,000 BC. These ornaments also got from the area that was the habit of people of the Neanderthal generation. These ornaments that contain embroidery (nails) and wrists 'bracelets' (britlets) are made of acrylic claw bone, and in spite of being scratched to them, apart from scratches, Polished too. Scientists believe it will be used to wear jewelery ceremonies.

-24 pants (paint):
The trend of modern-fashioned clothing worn jeans was indeed in 1873, but the tradition of wearing trousers is older than thousands. Recently, one of the western chains of Aunty discovered a fleece pants, which is about 3,300 years old. The archaeologists are the oldest in the trousers to date. It is in such a wonderful condition to think that even today can be used. Its design shows that it was made to wear a rider. Unlike today's trousers, pants were not cut off pieces and clothes were made, but during the slopes, the size of the desired person was prepared. Victor Mair, a Chinese historian at University of Pennsylvania, says that the pattern of this trousers tells that the cowboys had to wear trousers for the ride, because they used to chase them and There was no possibility of dressing in anything.

-25 Dino Sar Focal:
Fossil discovery of the "Nyasasaurus Parringtoni" phosphorus has shown to the scientists that when the dinosaurs appear in our world. About two hundred and sixty-five years old, this fossil is ten years old and fifty-two years older than other such discovery discovered. Research on this phosphal showed that the dinosaur was just three feet long and weighs between 60 and 60 pounds. It may be possible to discover more than that old fossils and keep the history hidden from your secrets.
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