Summer in the winter at the pole north

Alaska: Experts have discovered that this year's temperature of north pole is also 36 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degree centimeters) higher than the average temperature of winter, which is a serious concern.

There is midnight at Arctic at this time, it is winter season because the sun is below the horizon. Every year this quality continues till March and then comes out on the horizons for the next 6 months, but this year, the weather temperature is being recorded in the United States, Canada and Russia's weather stations, which is extremely worried because weather this year The temperature of pole north is higher than its average of 36 degree Fahrenheit (20 degree centimeters).

Although it is still less than the point of view, yet in the temperature, so much of the average increase in average, the process of making new ice is particularly slow, on which scientists say it was less likely to be new ice in 2012. The lowest rate is below.
This is an alarm for the global environment, because there is a huge amount of new snow during the winter on the North Pole, where there is massive snow melting in the summer season, the water that comes from across the oceans of the world and not only Helps to balance the sea but also the environment of the earth. The result of low snow will appear in the next year's decrease in snow on the north, on which researchers have also shown a serious concern.

It is clear that the average temperature rise in the world for the last few years, and every new year, is proving warmer than the previous year. The situation in North Pole is also pointing out, because this is the second year when winter temperature has been recorded more than the previous average.

According to the details, winter stations have recorded more than 12.6 degree Fahrenheit (7 degree centigrade) high in the number of stations in the polishes Russia, where those locations in Russia, Alaska, and Northwest Canada have been recorded more than the North There are also cold temperatures in the average average of 5.4 degree Fahrenheit (3 degree centimeters). At some stations, the situation is extremely dangerous because the recorded temperature is higher than the average temperature of the winter to 20 degree centimeters.

Keeping in view of all these things, it can be said that 2016 will not be another hot summer year but 2017 can also be left behind in the current year, so we should be prepared for any environmental addiction because the planet Earth Works like a complete system, which is part of each other's part of the other parts; and the change in one part can also affect all other parts.

In the meanwhile, temperature rise to the north pole will affect the population of bears, fish and other animals, but its effects will also be compounded throughout the world. But how and how it will happen? It's still to be seen.
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