Social Media: From Luxury to Trial

An example of how social media has changed the way of life, daily routines, thinking patterns, ways of reaction, compassion and distance and behavior of 21st Century in the past. Do not get it

Obviously, can not meet. Because many things are working in the background of these behaviors, methods and routes. For example social networks, namely Facebook, Wats app, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are the things in this era. These were not all in the past, and they were not even the instruments through which these sources are used. However, what is the situation of human relations and behavior, how could it be at any time before it?

What has the effect of scientific inventions and instruments of consciousness and electric growth affect humans's cycling and life? This question is of great importance and not only people associated with the field of knowledge or psychology, sociology, morality, aesthetics, religions and religions, all the sciences that belong to human thought and feelings affect them. They study or analyze them, today they all look seriously on this question.
The need for this thought is also felt that the process of change in the mental attitude of the human being can be understood. In fact, the forms of human relations and social relationships appear in this period, they are creating many questions for social scientists. Not only this, but also about human life and its own, it is different from the time of life and its attitude, that today today there is a lot of confusion for social scientists. Is.

Initially, when these things were introduced in the human society, nobody ever thought that by being a necessity and necessity, things in life would change human consciousness in such a way. And the nerves will affect the life that will change the meaning of human meaning. These things have not done anything about humans as well as the map of actions. The effects of all these changes can be seen on both sides of the internal and external aspects of life, and their waiver is visible from individual levels to the collective circle. The most worrying thing is that there are now no specific societies or specific civilizations under these effects, nor those who have special trends in society. On the contrary, the entire community is full of wealth, rich, religious, non-religious, good, young and old.

Change is essential for human life. That is why life is called a river flowing, in which no one can go twice, even if it is not after a moment and so on. Because for the first time he has feet in his feet, he has gone forward and after the moment he is putting his feet, there is new water now. Even in life we ​​do not have to go twice a day. Once a moment passes over, he does not return again. We can not breath the rainbow. The time, circumstances and changes in our lives have been taken by ourselves, or against our unity, desire and motivations, without having a positive and negative effect on us. It also happens that we do not know the effects of change, or if we do not think seriously. Sometimes it also happens that we consider it, but they do not reach any final result, and if they reach, they do not exercise the results. In fact these issues and issues are related to our collective mood.

If we are seen, we have a "sincerity" and "conviction" at the collective level. The fact is that we have made it clear that what is happening in the world is under guidance. It is absolutely correct as a rule or by the point of view of faith, but this belief does not mean that we should sit aside to see our bad badness or leave ourselves like this on the horizons of time and time. Do not wander to know that he will bring us to the beach or take it to the water. If the matters of religion can be understood by scholars or qualified laws, but such intensities are also like you and a common person like us that religion does not tell us to turn back from the facts of life, Be careful and sit down. On the contrary, the Koran encourages us to think, consider and find God's bounty. Now, is not it a sensation and practice education?

Well, we were talking about social media. The fact is that the social media found similar growth in our way in the rest of the world. If we examine the speed and modes of being used here, and if we investigate all matters, the world and our difference will be twenty-five years, namely. It is believed that the 21st Century world has become a global village.

This brings good bad events, new things, ideas and behavior etc., from one region to another, as well as their effects. All these luxuries of scientific development and all the blessings of the modern covenant have come here at the same speed as in the developed nations. Ask the truth, some things found the first tradition here and later became common in Europe etc. It is possible, you are surprised to listen or consider it compelling. It's not like that. One, many things have come here first. The testimony of this can give you people who live in Europe or America and come to the bar.

However, this is not the case that makes us feel happy. Because it's nothing else, just marketing and marketing. People and businesses of the world are aware of us more than us. They see us as a large consumer market or consumer market. A consumer market where any item can be sold and expanded more easily than many other countries in the world. This effect is nothing wrong.

Because we have goods or ideas, we all spread spreading into people and markets without all the bad investigation. People feel in their own position to think about them, nor do they see such arrangements at institutions or government level. Whatever is happening and whatever it is, is accepted only on the surface or fee value. If the events of loss or problems come in front of them, they are not considered as important, they are not paid attention, that they should not report reports about their loss or because of them there are no major problems. Be born. That is why there is no stage of interruption in philosophy, ideology, drug items, and even the spread of weapons from food practitioners and poor food items and common ingredients to us.

This situation has been happening in social media. In this common spread, our collective mood has been playing the main role. At first, we did not realize the need at the personal level or in the collective position that we should see, what it is doing in our lives and how we are taking. If there is such feeling in individual circles, the collective environment and the society are resistant to it. They do not allow them to become a major issue. Social media constantly seems to be in question in the context of the United Nations, developed countries and the people of the people living in contrast.

There is a continuous protest on this. His steps are criticized and targeted. Obviously, this is not all because of untrue or any sincere motivation, nor is there any business competition in its background. On the contrary, all these questions and actions are being carried out only to human beings and protection.

Through news media organizations, electronic media and self-social media, now all the questions and objections are coming out of the world, which are currently raised in the US and Europe, especially at the government level. Well, so on the whole social media, but especially on facebook, more such days have come up. The questions that have been done about Facebook, they are largely applied to other social media sources, for example, in America, this problem has entered into the threshold of concern that these medicines through Facebook Illegal sales have increased significantly.

They are counted in drug addiction. According to the investigation, data from people (especially for teens) data, mood and mental behavior was provided to Pharmacy companies that manufacture and sell drug addicts for regular patients under regular license. The Facebook Promotion of Ads and Their Medicinal Interpret Literature for these companies appealed to these drug addicts. Drug sales that are possible on the doctor's prescription, so this solution also got through the famous doctors on Facebook. Thus, these medicines came to reach the reach of youth and everyone who used to get drunk or all that they wanted to get such medicines easily and easily used.

Also, another problem was marked. It is also a foundation for Facebook to make a review after investigation. It has been said that Facebook is animated in social issues such as color differences, faith based on hypocrisy, and directly against government and state or some of its apparently targeted targets, targeting and spreading the uprising of rebellion, Being used as an effective and easy way. These tasks are actually the companies and groups, but all of these activities on Facebook are being conducted with individual identities and individual identities, when research is found, this identity is not real, but it is also implicit, and requires After investigating, there is no help in reaching the main motivation or conviction of a problem.

The third issue is told to porto-graphic or nude movies. After investigating and reviewing this issue, the results are also presented based on Facebook. It is learned that through Facebook, people like adventure people are targeted. There is no prisoner for age, color, race and gender. People of any age are accepted. They are fascinated by encouraged films, the path of bodybuilding is shown, they are fascinating for the use of artificial sex. Apart from this, the use of sex medication is encouraged, which is usually presented by a strong diet and healthcare tank.

Two aspects of concern have been mentioned. One is that not only the percentage of men and women suffering from it is more specific, but also those in the age of ages, and the other aspect is spread of sexual diseases. Potential sources of prevention are being largely impressed with the prevention of both of these problems.

We have social media here, there is no such investigation and review on government level about any kind of goods and trends. Such non-governmental organizations are not found here and this is not the work of people's bus. Such studies have been set up in the US and Europe, where problems of society have come to them, even though Baena is not very important for us, but the moon is definitely important. Because social media is not only a scope of convenience or convenience here, but with this there is also a scope of testing for us at national and social level.

Our situation here is the ratio of education, level of public awareness, social behavior, unemployment, and growing patriotism, it can be considered as to how social and social issues in our community how easily and easily Can cultivate It is possible that we have also sown seeds of such crops and we do not have to guess it right now. Because before creating and spreading these horrific situations, we have to think and see what steps we can take to prevent the disease of infectious germs. Be aware that this work should be done on both individual and collective levels, otherwise the results can not be achieved.
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