Sahara desert started becoming wide

Sahara Sahara is the world's largest hot desert. Its area is 650 square kilometers.

Desert in continent Africa extends broader deserted areas of Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Western Sahara, Sudan and Tunisia. Scientific research shows that during the last century, Sahara's area has increased by ten per cent. Researchers have shown that other parts of the world will also be expanding because climate change is becoming hot due to climate change, which is causing the damage to the plants.

This research has been done by Scientists linked to the United States Maryland University. During the period, he analyzed the data related to rain in Africa between 1920 and 2013. Scientists saw the average level of rainfall decreased in the borders of the desert along with the desert borders. In the desert definition every single place or region is entered, where rainfall is less than 100 mm (four inches). Rain ratio in most areas around Sahara has gone below this limit. Let's now join all the Sahara areas.
According to research, the increase in Sahara's growth was seen every summer in the summer. During the summer months, the desert area continued to grow at a rate of six percent. Researchers claim that the natural and natural activities of climate change are responsible for the extension of Sahara's area.

Due to seasonal varieties, the fertile land of areas surrounding the Sahara Sahara is becoming fragile. A few years ago, on the ground which cried crops, there is now a sand. Scientists have warned that due to climate change due to global warming, the area of ​​other parts of the world will continue to grow, this situation is not worried, if the chain continues, then biological biological And human survival will be difficult.
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