Released the most detailed map of the sky containing hundreds of space pictures

A combination of images taken from the sky, which is visible to the American island of Hawaii, which is small and small. Photography Bishkek PanStar Science Consortium and Max Planet Institute
Hawaii: Experts from many countries related to the International Astronomical Center in the US State of Hawaii have made a detailed map of the sky looking after the years of hard work, which can be called the largest digital image of space space so far.

With a four-year effort in this picture, a glimpse of air-conditioned fluke is featured. This scene containing hundreds of pictures together is printed on its full resolution, it will be at least a half kilometers long and wide!

The project has called Panoramic Surveillance Telecom Scope and Rapid Response System, which can be called 'pan stars'. It can be seen by billions of stars, galaxies, gassi clouds and related planets, and its online database has been opened to the public.
Experts have taken all the pictures from a telescope of 1.8 meters diameter installed on a hill of Hawaii. The images contain all the small and large elements of the sky and are expected to explore more amazing discoveries.

Interestingly, a pan-star survey can not see two or two billion units. For its high resolution (detailed) pictures, two PT Bibytes data was removed on the computer. That is, data from this photo is 100 times higher than all the information about one billion cellulas or Wikipedia.

NASA, Drama University, Queens University, and University of Hawaii have provided resources and cooperation in this space scenario, and dozens of experts have worked hard in their work in this work. Explosion in remote vacuum from this digital image, and new awesome planets from the earth are also discovered.

Experts and scientists will be able to take great new discoveries from the Pan-star project head, Stephen Smart, whose full data is available to the public, which is providing a large part of the sky windows.

The survey has also been repeatedly repeated in pictures of the same place, so that the fame flickering with speed and slowness can be noted. Its data and images are now presented in a Searchable Engine. There are some new discoveries in the Copper belt through Pan Starts. Apart from this, the gas and the surrounding area in our own galaxy (the countryside) have been presented in a thorough manner. The starving stars can also be seen.

The second part of the survey will be released mid-2017. Currently it can be seen on the website of the Pan Star.

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