NASA: Space mission nearest to the sun

Pedestina, California: NASA has announced the departure of the human mission to the closest sun in human history.

NASA named the first solar proposition of the mission, but according to the new May 31 declaration, the mission is now attributed to the name of a distinguished scientist Yugin Parker. It will be the first mission to reach the closest to the sun's history, when it is also the first time in history that NASA has named its space plan in the name of a living person. Yogin Parker will be dropped out of the ground next year.

The Yugin Parker mission has been specially designed to tolerate the Sun's unusual heat and radiation and will reach only a distance of 40 million miles from the sun from which it will be able to review the sun's atmosphere. In addition, it will also consider the sun's magnetic field and the particles that are derived from, which are called today as solar.
Experts say that with the help of Yogin Parker, many Sun Sun secrets will be able to help the curtain. NASA said in one of his statements that this spacecraft will observe the outer atmosphere of the sun and give answers to many of our old questions like how a star works, and predicts solar activity and information from this mission. I will also increase. Similarly on earth we will be able to review the effects of sun on humans and self-satellites.

In order to bear the unusual extent of the sun, it has a wide range of thick carbon cables, so that its delicate electrical appliances can be protected from burnt, the 4-inch carbon layer of this spacecraft is 1377 degrees centigrade. The temperature will be able to bear. In addition, a partial detector is being installed on the spacecraft, which will be able to review the various particles out of the sun.

It is clear that Yugin Parker presented an important research in 1958, in which he told that the continuous particles of the sun are going out and the sun's magnetic field changes, which impacts the entire solar system. NASA had earlier sent the planet named Helies to the sun in 1976, which had reached 440 million km of sun.
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