NASA discovered a new solar system

Washington: NASA has analyzed the world with its most important discovery after weeks of stirring and announcements, in which a system solar system has been discovered far from Earth, around which eightty planetary planets are rotating.

It has been seen from the NASA's latest Captain Space Telescope, but after its consideration with the help of Google ART Fusion Intelligence (AI) software, its diminished database was announced in its live broadcast on December 14, According to NASA, the system name is Captain 90, which is situated at a distance of 2,500 545 miles from the ground, with its center in the center of a star starry and around eight planets are rotating around it.

The system also has a hot stone planet named Captain 90, and Google's machine-learning system has detected that the planet completes its circulation around its sun in 14.4 days, Google has received NASA's great data. In order to provide useful information, this great system of artificial intelligence has developed a wonderful success, these planets are called X plants or outer planets, which are being discovered far away from our solar system.
Paul Horsz, head of the NASA Eastroxx Division, located in Washington, said, "We look forward to the amazing discoveries in the exact caper data collection of our expectations, and we were looking for the right technology to explore them that we got, In addition, this data will prove to be a big treasure for the next year for experts worldwide.

For this, experts from Christopher Shaleo and Andrew Wenderbread put the signals and data coming to the caper telescope in the computer so that they could determine whether it was a star or a planet. In this regard, a highly innovative system of Internet network has been developed with a help-by-step, then an unusual wave of stars in Dracu, this system was discovered, including eight planets, thus providing artificial intelligent help.

Captain 90 is 30 percent larger than our land and is very close to its sun, so its temperature is up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, but this whole system meets our solar system, in which the small planet is inside and the larger planet outer Are on

Christopher Shaleo is a philosophy and a science-based expert and he has done important work on new discoveries in the sky through Data Mining, according to that, where human eyes and understanding fail, data and artificial intelligence are found in the discovery of new planets. Can help

Scientists considered four-year-old data-binoculars of data telescope and found that there are at least 35,000 places where light signals can find a new system or planetary planets, of which weak signal signals from human eyes. The first planets and signals of the planet were inserted into the computer so that they were accustomed to recognizing them, the number of those signals was 15,000, so computer software was able to identify planets and new systems with 96% accuracy and its Later it was given new data from which he discovered this important.

In addition, experts have also discovered the Kepler 80 system, whose sixth planetary capacitor is 80G and its area is similar to our land, all the investigations have passed a scientific journal for publication.
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