Mysterious sunrise

NASA has left for the first time a satellite to observe the sun's closest sun, Parker Solar Probe, by the sunset. The cost of this planet was $ 17 billion, which was one of the currency in the Pakistani currency. Sixty billion rupees are made.

Parker has also received the honor that he is the fastest satellite in human history. And for the first time, it has happened for the first time that the name of a satellite was named after the living scientist. Astronomat, a year-old astronomer from America, told Eve Parker the first time about the solar wind in 1958.

Professor Ivan Parker, a professor associated with the University of Chicago, expressed pleasure in seeing the scenes of satellite satellite in the state of Florida and said that we will get some learning for the next few years. The Parker Stylish will send information about the sun and the moon. It will provide information on the process of prolonged sunset .Paper will investigate the solar wind in addition to sun capabilities.
Space mission to send Parker vacuum was to be made a day before, but could not be left due to some technical problems before leaving. Nasas confirmed a day after the departure of the space mission that the spacecraft successfully rocket It has been separated from nowhere and is now traveling in its orbit. The park will set around four places around the sun till seven years. During this, the sun rising from the sun will observe the solar rays which are thought to be The most influential on the earth.

Meanwhile, Parker will have to face the temperature of 130 cm, but due to the special sheet installed on it, the equipment will not be damaged. Before 1976, the satellite sent to the Sun on research almost four from the sun Crore was at a distance of 30 million km. This new satellite will go to the vast atmosphere of the sun, where the distance from its sun level will be approximately 1.5 million kilometers away.

Dr. Mickey Focus, linked to John Hopkins Laboratory, said, "You may not think that this sun is nearer to the sun." But think in this way that the sun and the earth are one meter away from each other and the satellite just four from the sun The centimeter will be away. He told that Parker Satellite is the fastest satellite satellite in human history, which will travel at a distance of six hundred thousand thousand kilometers per hour. This means Parker is a distance between New York and Tokyo. It is capable of fixing in less than a minute.
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