Mughal, English and India

The famous editor of critic Rashid Rashid Siddiqui is that the Mughal era will give three things to India, Taj Mahal, Arvawur Mulayam, in essence, in the English covenant, I will say that the British give three things to India, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Railway and Parliamentary Democracy. Take the first Mughal covenant.

Zahiruddin Babar was the first Mughal king of India, who defeated Abraham Lodhi in 1526, founded the Mugha Empire in India. In 1530, his son Hossain became the throne, in 1539, Sher Shah Suri defeated him and he escaped Iran, in 1555, Hameed got re-under. In 1556, Jalaluddin made Akbar king at the age of twelve, or called the second prime minister after Ashok Azam. He governed India by 1605 and not only defended India but also filled the treasury with the treasure.

At this time, India was the richest country in the whole world. Akbar collected such treasures that in 1605 when his son Salimuddin made Jehangir king and spent a life of 23 years till 1628, then it was so much treasure that his son Shahjahan, the engineer who was called the king, was 1628 to 1659 or 31 years Spent on Apart from Shalamar Bagh, Mubarah Jahangir, and other buildings, built the world's most beautiful buildings Taj Mahal.
In 1659, Aurangzeb became a universal king and for 1707 years he was not honored and 170 and the Central Government and the nominated Mughal government in Delhi remained 1707 from Bahadur Alam from Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1857, but Nawab Siraj in 1757 was held in Bengal in 1757. Lord Cleeve, with the treason of his treasurer, Mary Jaffer, formed the stable British government by defeated in the field of plasma.

History here tells us about the conquest of British and our defeat, but regret this date is not taught in our curriculum, after the first President of our fourth Governor General and the 1956 constitution, Alexander was the first president, and his son Hamayoun Mirza retired from the top position of a global bank, a few years back, he wrote on the book, Faram Plaza to Pakistan, in which he revealed that his parents were Mirajfar and badly historians He has described his role in distinction or otherwise he served many of Bengal's Muslims, yet it was his own son Humayun Mirza. It is dedicated but history is history.

As far as India's first British winner is from King Clovio, ruler of Bengal, it was the battle hero of the plasma. But a short time later, reports from London came to London, and it was called on the basis of corruption charges and was prosecuted and it came to know that the charges would prove to be, which could have been convicted that he From Amra, who had been for great gifts, had to come back and get some fine, but because of the embarrassment of the nation, Lord wristed suicide committed suicide. This was the reason for which English was successful. But it was happening to the Mughal King Shahjahan Ortaj Mahal, Taj Mahal is known as the sign of love and the world's beautiful building, Taj Mahal is situated on the south bank of the river, its area is 42 acres, its construction started in 1632. Happened and basically

In 1643, and then on 10 years of its decor, it took over 20000 craftsmen to work on the supervision of a board of engineers, and during this period, the construction was costing $ 3 million, which was today 52 billion rupees of Indian rupees and 827 million dollars. In 1983, UNESCO UNESCO declared it a global asset. Taj Mahal Shahjahan made his best wife for Mumtaz Mahal. Shahmajan's 14 children were born from Mumtaz Mahal and during the birth of the fourteenth child in 1639 he died at the age of 39.

This beautiful building comes to see more than 80 million people annually. Taj Mahal has so far seen thousands of personalities in the world, and many have expressed their views and ideas. A poem of the famous poet Sohrab Ledishya is titled Taj Mahal, a famous poet

An emperor wrote the support of the wealth

We have made the love of the poor fun

In this context, Shakeel Babaidoni said this poem

An emperor has become the center of sensations

All the world has a sign of love

There is a poem of another poet

It is a separate matter that the contradictions are not interpreted

Otherwise, there are some crown palaces in each mind

When Iran's former Queen Surya saw Taj Mahal, she said, "If anyone tells me that you will make such a mausoleum after death, then I am ready to die now." Queen is famous for the UK that she said "I wish it was the edge of the river teams". An American person, looking at the Taj Mahal, said, "I wonder how it was built without a US aid." Former Soviet Union President Khroh Shaf looked at him and said, "I have shed blood from the walls of this castle."

Former Chinese Premier Chouen Lai said that if there was a teaching place in the place of this castle, how beneficial it would be to the country. Former American President Bill Clinton said, "This is the world's most beautiful building". There are two types of people in the world regarding Taj Mahal, one who has seen it and loves it and others who have not seen this palace and love it. A real point of view from the Taj Mahal is that a journalist was making a report on Taj Mahal, he interviewed dozens of people coming here and asked an old fever sitting outside the Taj Mahal, how long have you been here If you sit, you have gone to jail for 40 years, then the journalist did another question, saw Taj Mahal? This is what I say.

The Taj Mahal is the historic building of the Subcontinent, which is being described as a living witness that India was the richest and prosperous region in the world of mughals, but the era of mughal rulers were neutral and unhealthy, during which Taj Mahal During this period universities were established in many European countries including Britain.

There was not a Muslim here in Spain after the defeat of the Muslims and Spain had discovered the length of America. During the time of Ashjahanan, when the capital was moved from Aagar to Delhi, from here itself the bid and understanding of the world The second largest language was born in Urdu and the birth of a language that the military camp was established here, according to Turkish, it was given to Urdu, such as Lashkar Gah and the soldiers there.

These include mughals, Afghans, Turks, Iranians, besides Balochs, Sindhis, Panjayes, Rajputas, Bengalis, Tamils, and other dialects besides Hindus and Indians, who used to speak words of their own languages ​​to communicate with each other. The Urdu language came into existence and Urdu was therefore called to say that it was born in Delhi, Delhi's largest and central castle "Lashkar Gah" in Delhi, and since it is the words of many other languages I was involved and at this time there was no word for it in this language.

Therefore, this language is called Urdu, but in the same period, Urdu, Indian and Bhasha were also called official language in India, therefore the form of Urdu was also Arabic and Persian. It was historically a scientific, cultural, cultural, civil, and linguistic match with India of the Arab countries, Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan. It was exactly as if you fill water in a large tangle with different colors from all four sides, then all colors will come and make a new color when they come together.

In which the glimpse of all these colors will be obvious because this match was also available from local languages ​​and especially large languages, Hindi and Sanskrit, and on the other hand, such as Arabic and Persian, it has literary and literary knowledge including literary and intellectual In the meanwhile a large asset was found, in the short run and when the Mughal Government fell, this big language of the world developed rapidly. In addition to the poet like the editor of the poem Akbar Akbar Babadi, the poet's poet Mir Pain, Mir Taqi Mir, Volt, Believer, Ibrahim Khok, Shaitan, and then the brain of India was born and on the other hand, Anis and Buddha were born in paradise. The Urdu whose temperament involves abundance and innovation, this language has accepted the first and most of the words of English on the arrival of English, in the form of English or in local languages.

After the arrival of India, British started social research from the district level very hard and in the beginning it decided to enforce Urdu as officially as it was the vast country of India and the multi-Alasan region was the largest language. So spread its spread along Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan and the Arab world, so the British initially opened Fort William College, Calcutta and Delhi College, Fort William College, from English to Urdu and English to English work. Also, the college was offered as a professional employer.

If British does not announce the end of the symbolic mughalism from India, then with the socially civilized beauty and empathy, the Taj Mahal, Urdu and the world's dominance of the dominant will not break, and today's The Clash of Civilizations and Remaking of World Order Samuel P Huntington, a collisioner of civilizations, would be writing the harmony of cultivators and their sequence. May 1857 is far away when the subcontinent's diverse and compatible civilization was destroyed. War freedom, which the British named Nader, if it was the last survival, but his and his Indian life reflected in his tears.

In this period, Urdu had given great growth in this period, during this period Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Shabla, Hali, Nazir Ahmed, Azad, Nawab Waqar Mulk were included in his consent, otherwise on the other hand, At the distance of time it was stirred, and in this period, Urdu adopted Western literary asin and adopted it so much that Urdu literature stood out of front of English literature, and from this the hostility of Urdu's Hinduism It's started.

Now the Hindi dispute started and Pandit Moti Redal Nero in the later days, then his son Jawahar Lal Nehru and Mohan Das Gandhi against the whole of Urdu, and Hindi scripture cut off all the relations that India had sent to Central Asia, Arab countries, Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan. Today Saudi Arabia is spoken commonly in Dubai and in many countries, but it is surprising for Arabic speakers that when the Pakistani and Indian interactions are spoken in the same language when they write the same language in a separate formula. If you are, you can not read each other's language.

However it is imperative that Arabic is difficult to understand when India speaks from any Arab, because India deliberately adds to Hindi words compared to languages ​​from Arabic, Iranian, Afghani or Central Asia after independence. Understanding this point, the Indian film industry is trying to make Hindi speaking Hindi so that it does not hurt Indi, but now there is a bright possibility of Abhishek of Urdu and It is that when a CP project, in a peaceful manner, India understands the dialogue, Urdu will again again be abolished.

The C-Pak will be from Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, the Middle East, which comes from Pakistan. Unfortunately, some people in Pakistan opposed Urdu even though this language is not a language of any ethnic national group or nation of India. Shahjahan's era has been a long time since the past three hundred and a half years ago, before the language of any region or nation of India or nation or nation was not Urdu, when we have been based on the Balochs, Pashto and Sindhi nationalities for almost five thousand years. Baluchi, Sindhi and Pashto languages ​​are available.

However, this masterpiece of Rashid Ahmad Siddiqui is that the Mughal era greatly enhances India's caste palace, Urdu and prevail in which the books of the books will be written in interpretation. It is my position in terms of the English covenant that Ingles gave India head Sir Ahmed Khan, railway and parliamentary system. In 1857, the English government consisted of a vast area of ​​the suburbs, including Delhi, as far as the Mughal Empire was concerned, it was a long-term or symbolically red fort, and since the period of the death anniversary of British patronage. Was going on

Anger was fought due to war and after that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan realized that there is no need to understand English and English now, because English is the modern science and consequential industrial, economic, Although political and social changes were key, Sardar Ahmad Khan, though our national leader, however, came here as a result of British reaction, before the advent of British, every sector of life was running traditionally in India, or not the modern factory There was no central banking system, neither was the stock exchange nor the sea, bad and later aerial forces and their different And there was a concept of masculine fields.

If the British used to use the Jagirrisa system here, but as soon as he came here with commercial purposes, he soon laid the foundation of several small cities besides Kolkata, Bombay, Karachi and Delhi, Lahore, Orgas and many important and old cities have also been used for industrial and commercial purposes. 1825 Injured Stephen had demonstrated a successful run of 21 wagons and a coach train from the 90 tonnes of stem engines on the 38-miles railway line from Atlas to Drillington in the UK. Then in 1830 the regular railway service started from Liverpool to Manchester in the UK. When America's civil war took place, America and France also understood the importance of railway in the war.

By 1861 Karachi-Kotri train was also operated in the Pakistani area of ​​Pakistan, and a few years later, the railways were shifted to the occupation. Imagine today when there was no railway here, people used to travel in the carpets with camels and horses or traveled through ships by rivers. The British introduced a railway here and created a revolutionary change in this society. With the help and innovation of the journey, the people of India fulfilled their dream of seeing India in their own lives. Like China, India has also been a great country in terms of population and population. The value of these two countries has also been shared that no winners from both the countries have failed to conquer other countries of the world.

However, it is important that the victories of the two countries were conquered and the mughals or Mongols were divided into both the countries, and after that the British also ruled here, but China remained different from India as its own past. Governors acquired perfection in knowledge and research and besides inventing and discovering the world paper and silk, high bureaucracy, systemic use, and much more. China is the only country that has armed struggle and has achieved freedom after the revolution, and since it had a tremendous tradition of the past.

In which his consistency had the primary importance, the example of which he had in the form of wall chains, and then another example, Mughay Tung presented the world in the form of long march, but compared to that in India The British population was more than a hundred times more than English. It could not be achieved by fighting Britain. The attempt of the 1857 itself, the Indian soldiers of the Indian Army, failed to fire their homeland.

After that the English army, which was a British-based British Army, used to recruit soldiers from their territories, millions of Indian army was the first British War of 1878, the second British war of 1878 and 1919 against Afghanistan. The third British battles also fought against Afghanistan, where British army had a rebellion against the British government or the British trooped a state, with the number of Indian army remained up to 95% compared to the British. And it is a very tremendous fact that in the first and second war, India was the largest army officer from the British.

That was the reason that the British did not only manage the largest naval forces in the whole of India as well as large military camps, war airports, and beaches in the whole of India, and in which soldiers were hundred percent local Indians. . Here, the local population, especially on the feudal system, was so confident that the British had established high and standard colleges of training of military officers in urban areas, and in the same way India was the only Indian outside the UK, where the British established large arms-making factories If Indigen had complete confidence in faithful winners throughout the country, but the British is the nation of the world who make their policies and plans for the next hundred years, the foundation of complete reality by removing plan emotionalism. But do Britain did not take aggression on the independence of America, but adopted a beautiful approach, which has beneficial benefits to date.

When the British decided to go to the subcontinent, then there was a total of millions of men and young men in India, when the total population of non-divided India was more than 40 million.

But the British started a realistic strategy and plans to strengthen its government on one side and in the period of power, while on arrival in the subcontinent, on the other hand, Jagir Daveran's cooperation was provided, but portrayed loyalty to them. In order to maintain the stability and integrity of industry and trade, the local level at the local level, where government jobs in medium and at some places, at medium level, politically and in the beginning there, From the basic democratic way, the Panchayati system of India has been set up in a separate municipal system Started it

In its early stages, some members nominated and some were chosen at the local community level, after that the tradition of English education in India became common, and from here the UK-based higher education began to get education. And when there came to know about democracy, constitution and judicial system, the British-style system was implemented here.

Before the Great War, the British established a Legislative Council here, and here it was nominated by a member of the English government from a special proportion and the rest was chosen. Before the Great War, there were many people including Qayyazim who were very well considered to understand the democratic government and parliamentary affairs under constitution and law, rather than the British believed that they would produce Indian society. Were and understood this society more well-known, the first world war was a major change, in the world's largest world wide range of countries, such as Russia, ended the zoroastrian kingdom a year after the Soviet Revolution. Has happened

The Ottoman Empire of Turkey also shattered at the end of the war, though the UK's Neolithic area has 24% of the total world's total area and 25% of the world's population, but the United Kingdom has no longer been the world's superpower and its place Zion took us by the US. Two years back in this year, in 1916, there was a treaty between the Congress and the Muslim League in 1916, under which the Congress differently elected, legislative legislation and Muslim population It was a matter of fact that the agreement was called Maqaqaq Lakhno, it was a formula.

Under which the majority of the Muslims in India were entitled to their rights, and in the coming days, when the British had given options in local elections on the basis of parliamentary democracy in democracy, gradually increasing the parliamentary system. On the other hand, if it was initiating the process of action and rule of democratic rights or rights by adding local population, the Congress refused to negotiate with the readers' words or arguments. In 1928, when the British Parliament started working in the subcontinent, to form a statutory law "Constitution," to implement a step-by-step parliamentary democracy here, British Parliamentarians were in touch with the main leaders of politicians and political parties of India. Pandit Pearl Lal Nehru released his famous Nehru report, the report concluded that all the points recognized in the written lucknow, which were constitutional protection of the Muslims of India, ended a series of penis.

Muslims were not minorities of India but the other majority of the big population of this big country. The Kashmiri politician like Qayyazim quickly and ensured the freedom of joint India in 1916 texts, and as well as the Hindu Muslim alliance as per the actual and natural requirements. It was Magnakarta of the parliamentary democracy in the joint India, and it was made for all Muslim-Muslim conflicts on the basis of the guarantee of the rights and identity of the Muslims, in 1929, in the famous fourteen points, the prime minister once again called Hindustani To understand that there is a difference between the UK, India and social, cultural, civil, religious, historical, racial, culturally, here is diversity in every community of society.

It is important to give this diversity to social love; Cutting contradictory and the possibility of collision should be given contact and unity. Qayyad, who was aware of the depths of Western democracy, constitution and law, knew that the social problems of a specialist sociologist, Hinduist N, balanced and compatible with Parliamentary democracy, knew the fierce and practical skills of solving them.

In Britain, 95% are a nation, one generation and people of religion and sects, so on the basis of majority there is law enforcement on the basis of the best democratic process, but there is so much mature democracy in the minority immigrant religious and cultural rights Guarantee, India was a large country of 40 million people, which is 37% - the second largest majority is Muslim but here legal and constitutionally, the first largest majority of democracy comes from the UK like Democracy, so in future future His tragic consequences will come.

And it was largely successful by the fourteenth point of the leadership of Qayyad that when the law of 1935 came to India, it was formed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by the political reforms and Sindh separated from Bombay and the separate method was also adopted. Although under this law or constitution, when the elections held in the provinces were held for the first time, the Muslim League had to face a big defeat, on the success in the election, the Congress made itself in 9 provinces and instead of 2 provinces Muslim Mixed governments were formed with local parties.

It was a long-term experience of Hindu government in India and if it was the basis of parliamentary democracy, but provincial government governments took such anti-Muslim measures that the majority of Muslims who voted for them should now repay them. There was nothing else, and when the Congress Ministries formed after the 1937 elections started the British War on the beginning of the Second War II in 1939, the British should promise Congress to surrender India to the Congress after the war. Will leave.

Congress did resign from the provincial governments to increase the severity of pressure, the experience of parliamentary democracy, although in provincial level of India, but the Muslims learned a lot. 1945 after the end of the Second World War. Under the 46-year winter law such as Hindustan 1935, the last elections of the joint India were held and in the meantime, the Muslim League secured 100% on the Muslim seats of the Central Assembly and 90% on Muslim seats in the provinces, and then Pakistan was founded on the basis of these results.

Thus, Independence Day 1857, a 90-year journey from 14th August 1947, and now after the achievement of freedom till August 2018, we have been struggling for 71 years, as far as the relationship is of the Taj Mahal, Mughal and Urdu of the Mughal covenant. Taj Mahal is a global reputation of a global reputation, with its unhealthy beauty and the cry of the socialist consciousness of the time of Mughal period, and reflects the past of Hindu pastures. It is the brain of the dominant India, through Urdu and Persian poetry today it is scattering its rays around the world, as far as it is in Urdu, it has been tried to kill once and again, but every time it is injured and it has been shouting. Unfortunately today, when the media has made special progress with independence in the country, its wounds look more deeper.

Now it comes to the British covenant, which gave railways, Suresed Ahmad Khan and democratic parliamentary system to India, first to the railway, in 1961-62, when we had completed the railway for hundred years, we got from Lahore Electric trains had gone to Khanaval and at that time there was a railway train from Zahid to Iran and there was no internal railway network.

Today, Pakistan's best quality Iranian railway network from Pakistan N border is to Turkey, where there was no concept of Afghanistan, about 2500 km standard railway track has been built despite the worst situation of peace and security in this country. And the railway service has also started, the world's fourth largest network is currently in the world, the total length of the railway lines is 115000 km, the total population of more than all the Australian population - that is 2 million people traveling daily There are 7172 stations, 12617 trains run.

There are 7421 routes, 30 million tons of yu goods reach one another or another, in the last 62 years, India has increased its length of 11004 kilometers in the length of railways, here is a whole point of view that we have a total of 1962 Compared to the increase in the total length of the railway lines, the number of trains and the number of railway stations has been declined today, and the service quality has also declined.

See Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's academic academic movement, which resulted in the reaction of British and Hindu unity, and after the formation of Pakistan, it was given to the educational development in the country immediately, the situation is that today The world is the seventh power of the world as a sixth world and nuclear power by population, according to its standards, no one has a university in 500 universities, according to Dr. Abdul Salaam, a Pakistani high Nobody has received Nobel Prize in education, 8 million people from the country's 22 million population read these Simply and almost two million children are out of school.

One of the main reasons for this is that Sardar Ahmed Khan is included in our curriculum, but in our national educational policies and plans, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's knowledge of the educational and educational movement is not there. As far as the relation of parliamentary democracy, Qadri tried to give the democracy a very successful formula by comparing the democracy to the social structure, that India should be united, which the Congress had rejected from negative politics. After 18 July 1947, the laws of India, which were not only accepted by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, but made Lord Mt. Battani the first Governor General of India, were included in the law of 1935.

After independence in these clauses, the first year of the two countries, India and Pakistan had colonial status, and if needed, they would be Governor General. Parliament of both the countries did not have the right to amend. Although our governors, General Qayyad Ali and Liaqat Ali were Prime Minister, but our army chief was English, and the result was the steps of reconciliation on the Kashmir war and the unfair distribution of military assets, then after the leadership of Qadri Azam, a year after independence After this, even after the martyrdom of Liaqat Ali Khan, there was a survival of democracy in the country, when democracy was restored, in 1971 the country became two lucky and unfortunately parliamentary democracy could not be able to come to us.

The main reason for this is that the lack of social consciousness in our society is to reduce the proportion of the middle class size and the size of the population, the maximum population of the population and the welfare system, the strengthening of the secular grip in the cities, the continuing continuity of the continuation and the breakthrough If there is a new political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) headquartered after the general elections of 25 July 2018 and Imran Khan has been elected Prime Minister today, then the Taj Mahal of the Mughal covenant, No, but many buildings and points of politics related to politics to learn lessons and lesson There are several of these projects, Urdu is us who have linguistic, ethnic, cultural and literary power to drive out

Now, despite the Supreme Court's order management administration, it is unable to get its right yet, and we can achieve all this when the Parliament and the seating are strong and country-wide.
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