Money budget: Mobile phones, cigarettes and big cars expensive

ISLAMABAD: The government of Tehreek-e-Insaf has presented a mini budget in the National Assembly, which has been announced to finance mobile phones, cigarettes and vehicles, while tax exemption from Prime Minister, Ministers and Governors has been announced.

Speaker of the National Assembly chaired by Speaker Asad Qaiser Finance Minister Asad Umar presented the amendment in the finance budget, saying that the poor and middle class is to be protected, if there is no change in budget, problems can arise and the loss can reach 27 billion rupees.

Cigarettes, mobile phones, big cars expensive
Asad Umar announced the removal of exemption from Prime Minister, Ministers and Governors from tax, said that now these high officials will also be taxed, 10 percent increase in pension and minimum pension will be 10 thousand rupees, The duty is being imposed on expensive mobile phones, there is a proposal to imposed taxes on the cigarette, more than 1800 cc vehicles have been increased from 10 to 20 percent.

5 billion relief to export industry
The Finance Minister said that in the favor of regulatory duty, the export industry is offering Rs 5 billion, the petroleum development levy tax has been decided to withdraw the current and 300 billion rupees will be collected in petroleum tax, 0.4 percent tax is being done on banking transactions for non-filers 0.6 percent and now the ban on buying property in the country has also been terminated.

Tax Rate on payable class
The Finance Minister informed about the tax rate on the salary class that four lakh rupees have been decided to exempt tax revenue from people with income income, Rs. 4 lakhs on one lakh rupees, one thousand rupees two to two lakhs. Thousands of rupees, Rs.5 lakhs, 24 lakh annual income will be 5 percent tax, Rs. 60 to 30 lakhs will be paid Rs. 60,000 fixed tax. It has been proposed to raise more than 30 million rupees 15 percent tax, 25 percent on 40 to 50 lakh income and 29 percent tax on more than 50 million income.

Rs 50 billion allocated for Karachi
Asad Omar said that one million tonnes of fertilizer should be imported to increase the delivery of urea in which the subsidy will be given, the dimmer and steam dams will be constructed in 6 years, 6.66 billion in development projects in the financial year 2018. Allocated, which has increased to Rs 725 billion this year, 50 billion of which are allocated for the development of Karachi, Rs. 4 billion will be issued for construction of 8276 houses of workers. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa The health program introduced in the tribal areas and Islamabad will also be started

Post Budget Press Conference
Asad Omar, a post-budget press conference, said that there will be immediate steps to take action against the thieves, the government has put load on non-films, the results of all measures will take a little time, the current account deficit is estimated at 18 $ 21 billion, the maximum tax has been made for 25 percent.
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