Many things can be learned in sleeping condition

There is a deep link between learning and learning processes. Anything to learn, know or do any work is necessary that man is in his senses. The words are awakened by others. And consciousness is awakened only when a person is not in a state of sleep. It is obvious that the consciousness of man goes into sleep with eyes.

However, researchers claim that you can learn different skillful arts in the universe's dream, but also learn more better. During the past few years, many researches were conducted in this regard, which claimed that a person can learn a lot of skills in the dream and habits can also be avoided. The following line is mentioned in the following words that can be learned during allegedly sleeping.

New language
It appears to be incredible, but the research shows that while sleeping conditions you can learn better in a new language. In 2014, in the year Zurich and Fergusg studied studies. These research studies on German-speaking German students were concluded that the words of dream rabbit students who were wonders in their brain when they were awake. However, he was remembering the same words that he had learned one day before and his meaning was safe in his mind. They did not remember nonsense words. Experts concluded that the condition of memory is sharp, and in this case listening words, even if they are awakened, remain in mind.

The maker
As soon as the device starts catching this device, he wants to get perfection in the winter, but it is hard work for months and sometimes to get the perfect hand over music. But if you start learning 'After Effects' after sleeping, you can master it very soon! That's what the Western Western University specialists set at at least nine nights. Scientific science scientists mentioned in 2012 claiming that sleeping can be partially assisted in musical instrumentation.

During the research experts, let's play two tons of music when some of the musicians were tired. After the awareness, the students continued to work with the same modes in the same way.

new information
We may also be aware of the latest information by collapse in the sleeping valley. In 2012, science related scientists of Tel Aviv's academic college know whether new information can be made in human minds or not, whether a person is able to place a human memory.

The volunteers involved in the research, when they were deeply enjoying sleep, first heard a song, and then everyone was singing a delicious. After that, after hearing another song, Sabbo was conquered. This process was repeated several times. Then they were just heard.

Researchers saw that volunteers used to breathe deeply when they smell the smell, when their breathing speed was sharp as soon as they entered the odor. Then when only the lyrics were ripped, the researchers were astonished to see that volunteers showed the same reaction to the smell and smell, despite being sown. That is why they were deep breathing on the sound of the lentil, and the breathing speed on the second tune increased.

After being awakened, when they heard these stories in the consciousness of consciousness, their respiratory system showed the same reaction.

The experts concluded that the human brain also saves information in sleep condition.

Smoking Smoking
Moving forward research, researchers from Israel's Visitor Institute of Sciences discovered that smell plays an important role in the sleeping process. On this basis, researchers said that a dying man can get rid of smoking.

Six researchers who were willing to quit smoking for this research were selected.

In the morning, the cue of the first cigarette and its immediate after-rotten eggs went to Singapore. The next morning he did not remember anything about the process done with him, but the researchers saw that their cigarette decreased by thirty percent during a week. Those who were smiled in their senses were not compromised, their smoking was not seen. According to experts, this method can also help in treating drug addicts.
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