I forget everything

Most of us forget many important things or tasks, etc. very soon. If you miss something and forget about the time (often this problem is encountered with students who do not seem to see or overcome), this article is similar to the youth and students To help and guide.

There are some ways to remember anything, things, lessons, and instantly, not only help them remember, the bill is always safe in memory. If you also know those methods, you can easily remember everything or things. It is often seen that we put more than weeping rather than remembering, and then the things that are stored are forgotten when time comes. The way the mobile phone has two place numbers and more stores, i.e. internal storage and external storage, as well as two types of memories in the human being:

Limited duration memory or short term memory and long term memory or long term memory.
* Limited Term Memorandum or Short Term Memory:

In our short-term remembrance most of the things that we do not have much special need for a long time, such as walking on the road, a blue rampage on the road or a white cigarette on the street . In addition to this we all fall into short term memory, running new signatures or new shades, shining behind us, because it passes across the bridge, across the bridge, in front of our eyes. We do not even remember it. We all call it a limited-time reminder or short term memory that exists for a short time and then expires gradually.

Here, limited term memory or short term memory ended and now we will talk ahead of long-term memory or long term memory, it is also a particularly interesting statement.

* Long term memory or long term memory:

Our second reminder is called a long term memory, which often contains things that we need for a long time, and we do not even have to spend without remembering them. It should be very important for us, but it should be said that inevitable, in those days, those things are protected in long-term memories, which experience human being for the first time, such as those who visit Hajj or Umrah, on their Ka'bah-e-Sharif The first appearance of reading is the part of the long term memory.

Similarly, the spiritual quality of worship is counted in the same category as well, as well as when every heart of the heart is calling the Lord Cream and the ocean flows out of the eyes of blindness, then all these cures are human. Never forget and most of our curiosity are counted on long-term memory or long term memory.

Because he feels it all the first time, but in the absence of memory, the problem is that we remember what we remember in our short-term memory, where it's over.

Therefore, it is important to understand that if a person returns only without understanding, he goes on to remember his short period, not in long-term memory. As long as the rotten thing remains in the short memory of man, he will remember very well, but when he is absent from a short period of memory, he will never remember. Then we would feel that one moment we forgot everything. So if you want to save anything in a long-term memory, you'll need to apply the following methods:

* Reading with voice:

Read what you read, loudly. Most of you will be those who are thinking that we do not remember even though we are loud. Yes, it is absolutely true that most people who read or do not remember loudly, the solution is to speak loudly and let them go in their right ear, scientists have proved that the sound He goes to our right ear, he remembers us for a long time. Our right ear is connected with our long-term memory, so that when a child is born, it is given to the right ear.

* Make a unique reminder of the process to remember:

If the process is made unique to remember any thing, it will be easy to understand. For example, students can use high-color panels of different colors. Color the first three rows of yellow in yellow color.

Color the next three rows with green color, and so on the last three lines red. This way the brain will get unique things that will be extremely easy to remember. His example is that you go to a park daily, where there are so many black batsmen, one day, if you go, then a white cat is shown between many black cats, will you find this white cat good? Nevertheless, in the same way everything unique, our memory keeps fast in memory and always remembers, so try to make your studies readable or unique, by which you can make your reading The process can also be unique.

* Read your:

One of the special things of our mind is that it removes everything that is not clear or understood properly. The things that are evident, they go to long-term memory, but those who are remembered indefinitely or are rotten, they go to a short period of remembrance and will be over there shortly.

Our theme is clear when we read someone. If you do not have an appointment, read it yourself. So read and understand who read and understand. All points from this point will be more clearly evident. Students who study themselves after the teacher's reading increase their self-confidence.

We have millions of nerves in this small brain, when you read something and then study yourself, neurons' connections become strong and strong and connect with each other, so that's what you ever Can not forget It is also observed that despite being well remembered, man is forgiven, its main reason is that when you do not repeat anything for a long time, then Neuron's relationships begin to become less and less because of which you Things seem to be forgotten, so that if students repeat three times within three months of reading the topic, research has proven that there are links to neurons which will never be less stressful due to which you Will not forget.

* After reading gold:

There are also some rules and regulations of our mind. The brain does not send cosmetic (limited-time remedies) to a long-term memory, nor does it keep working nervous, but when you swing, your mind works all this time. If it is easy to say, you keep all the things in your mind, remembering a limited period of time, and when you swing, your brain is aware of this limited memory reminder that is unique and it looks good. Because neurons are tightly connected, it transfers it from short-term remembrance to long-term memory, and it reminds you for ever.

So, after studying for the student, sleep or rest are considered as necessary, because if you do not sleep after reading a subject, it is likely that you forget that topic soon.

If you follow these instructions then you can also become the best reminder owner. Just understand that forgetting is no problem now.
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