How To Avoid Fire

Innovation and human development has created many facilities for human beings, there are also some risks for human life, the biggest danger is the fire.

Most of the items around human beings and catching fire from home, office, furniture, computers, laptops, transport, mobile, cosmetics, medicines, clothing and electrical appliances in daily life. Those who are increasingly involved in fireworks incidents, due to which harmful property and property are harming them, keeping them in mind, a comprehensive and comprehensive written statement is being given to the readers who are doing these things. Events can be prevented.
The ancient Greeks believed that the fire is among the four basic elements that has created everything in the universe. Fire in this passage is a sacred substance that gives life or power. Scientific fire burns in the presence of oxygen in any material. In the modern world, three components of the fire are presented as a triangle, which includes 1-burning ingredients 2-Heat-3 oxygen.

The presence of these three components is necessary to burn the fire. Provides continuous reaction heat, which helps to keep the fire light. Modern science has divided fire in four stages.

Ignition (burning): Fuel, oxygen and heat join together chemical reactivation. In this phase the fire can be controlled.

Growth Growth: Initially the fire starts rising due to heat and goes to the ceiling.

Fully Developed (Fully Ready): Fluing in this stage extends the fire completely, and the temperature touches its last episodes and oxygen starts using rapidly.

) Decay Burning (: This stage burns completely coal or rocks.

Three types of fire extinguishes from transit.

1. Conduction heat transfer from one place to another

2. From the convection moving a cool place of gas or fluid to a hot place

3. Without radiation through radiation movement or electric waves

It is very interesting that three things need to be made of fire, but if fire removes any of the sources of fire to fire, the fire can turn off.

There are three ways to fire fire.

1 - Cooling the burning material

2 - To eliminate the presence of oxygen

3 - Finishing or removing the fuel

During the fireworks some events are of great importance, including flash and backdraft.

Flash Over Everything in the room catches a sudden fire. This happens when the temperature gets 1000F degrees from a mile in seconds and everything in room temperature reaches the point where it catches the fire. Even a firefighter, which is completely in a protective part, can not save itself from this Flashover. Its sign is that dark smoke smoke starts from the building.

Backdraft After the fire fires, the temperature increases in the closed room and the rooms are filled with gas and oxygen ends in the room, then the pressure in the room starts pressing the doors and the windows. After some time, oxygen supply starts at some point of the room, it is called explosive that it is called BackDraft. Therefore, in the case of these symptoms, no room should be opened or uninterrupted.

According to international classification of fireplace or fuel, it is divided into five classes.

Class A: This class includes wood, cloth, paper, rubber and many plastic material.

Class B: This class includes liquids such as petrol, diesel, soil oil, thunder, paint, color, alcoholic, supet etc.

Class C: This class includes electrical devices that catch fire.

Class D: This class includes different metals such as magnesium, titanium, zirconium, lithium, and potassium.

Class K: This class includes cooking equipment, cows, cooking oil, butter and fat in the kitchen.

To ensure good fire management, it is necessary that not fire. And if the fire is taken, it should be controlled immediately and if there is no control and expansion, then there is a way out of every building from the building.

To assess the risk of fire, look at your buildings under an organized procedure. The risk of fire-detection is to recognize the risks of fire and reduce them. Remember, the risk of seeing fire and reducing the risk of fire should be seen.

Keep in mind the danger of people getting fire. Catch fire threats and fight with fire, alert people about the way out of emergency, what they have to do in case of fire.

A building can include the following things as an ignition.

1 - Other types of cooking equipment, hot water, flush and filter, smoking materials, such as cigarette and lighter, electric or gas-burning heaters, such as mistaken welding, improvised electrical appliances, Lighting equipment, halloween lamps or display, central heating boilers, naked fire such as candle or gas, liquid fuel open fire, torch and fireworks.

Anything that hurts fuel fires. Some fuels that are usually available in small and medium spaces include liquid-based products such as paint, varnish, thin and adhesive, burning liquids and solvent such as alcohol, supet, food oil. , Cigarette lighter, special cleaning products and photocopying chemicals, photocopying, such as lpg gas, packed in food boxes, decoration and packaging equipment, stationery and advertising materials, lamps and rubber, Video tape, furniture, plastic products, clothing made of clothes and foam, waste products Paper pieces, wooden ceiling and dirty dust, fireworks and petrochemical products are included in dirty areas.

Oxygen mainstream component is available around us. A closed building is provided with oxygen ventilation system. It can be two kinds. Through the air, or through the air conditioning system and air handling system, doors, windows and other routes.

Fire-borne smoke is also a combination of dangerous gases that are dangerous for people. A flame smoke in a modern building is dark and dark which has difficulty breathing and it can close emergency routes.

Emergency routes should be suitable and safe to be used at any time. There are light management arrangements. Do not have any obstacles on the way. Emergency all the doors open outward. If room cover is more than 60 people, there should be two ways to get emergency.

Seeds in Auditorium, Marriage, Cinema, Stage, Examination Centers and Stadiums need to be felt that all people can easily go out of the way, those sets which are fixed between the next set distance from the previous set at least 1 Should fit

Fire extinguishers can reduce the risk of extinguishing fire. The fire in the worm can become a big fire if it is not controlled immediately. Notice where necessary to use fire extinguishers and fire

What are the steps to do in case? Rescue 1122, help firefighter, turn off electrical connections and point out the fireplace.

Check the fire safety and alarm system weekly, monthly warranty and six months after the alarm system installation company. Check the battery of emergency light. Check out the location of fire extinguisher space and their work.

There should be an effective emergency plan to deal with the situation in the fire. The emergency plan aims to ensure that people at this place should know how to safeguard from this place in case of a fire.

People who work at any place should be trained to fire fire. The general cause of fire in the equipment and machinery is to close air emission within any machine and therefore the temperature of the machine increases and the fire takes place.

All machines, equipments, cooking devices, heat-removal devices, such as photocopying machines, etc. should be checked by a specialist. The biggest threat is born when machines are not checked on time and non-trained staff uses it. Cigarette and smoking equipment is a major cause of fire. In a contaminated environment, a cigarette can culminate for several hours, which is a major cause of fire. Many of the fire-fighting incidents have been caused by the cigarette material that was put into the worm and left the waste to end in the future. Most of the people die due to smoke and gas.

It is important to understand that in the early stages of the fire, fire fluid in the early stages. It should also be noted that there are many measures that prevent the spread of fire in the early stages and help to control the fire even after the spread of fire.

In the case of fire, the sound of the alarm should be so loud that every person should listen. The roofing water system is very effective for fire extinguishers. Other devices include water, foam, gas and powder cylinders.

People with fire extinguishers are very important after the counting of the fire. The attendance of staff, guests, residents and firefighter's attendance should be ensured. No fire should be considered as the fire doubles every minute ie 60 seconds, the best way to avoid the destruction of the fire But fire prevention information, preparation and refund response.

To prevent incidents of firefight in Pakistan, Building Codes should introduce building codes, in which the nature of the building, such as government consolidation, should be monitored as per the official, commercial, residential and according to the international standards according to the standard square floor per square and Fire safety arrangements should be made regarding the number of floors and the number and number of people, besides addition to the installation of water hydrines. Fire-resistant special doors that are easily marketed in the market should be applied.

It is important to note that if the commercial plaque is built in billions of rupees, if firefighting arrangements are made for a few thousand rupees on the basis of which there is no additional burden, they reduce the loss of valuable life and wealth of people. Can be done Also, according to the number of seats in all public transport firefighter fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher cylinders and emergency gates should definitely be present. Those big oil trailer and containers who travel with petroleum products should also have fire extinguisher cylinders and their use of training, driver and helper. In case of a large leakage, the trailer should be turned on the main road to the hit.

The area should be sealed through the Cones. The fire of Petroleum should never be consumed with water because water is heavy and petroleum products are light and if the water is poured down, the water sits down and the petrol goes up and the fire flows above the water. In this situation, locally used soil or sand should be put to leak space, plus all public transport, wagon and buses should be CO2 and foam-maker fire-centched.

In the current era of modernization, a fire extinguisher (DCP) should be present with a cylindrical cylinder that is effective in every class fire. Industrial institutions, Public Dealing Institutions, Banks, Library, Hospital, Laboratory, Large Depository Stores, Markets, Railway Station, Bus Stand, Airport, Presidency House, Prime Minister, Provincial and National Assemblys and all institutions where Government records are recorded, for the management and responsible management of warehouse, Tumblr market, furniture and polished markets, training and fire safety installations should be made from an authentic institution and should nominate a focal purse only in those places. And just look at the safety of fire safety.

At present there is a fire brigade service at the level of every Tehreek-e-Taliban in Pakistan, which has Universal Number 16, which can be used without any area code, which is working under the Municipal Administration (TMA) Tehsil Municipal Administration to enable this service. Required modern fire vehicles, equipment as well as staff and modern training.

At the same time, modern steps should be taken for the fire in railways, airplanes and ships. The training of his staff should be compatible with the modern fire safety. TMA and other authorities should create and form a building map and NOC (issuing the NOC) (operational steps of fire safety should be called an integral component.

The new government has come into existence in the state of origin, revising the rules of federal security and federal security, according to modern requirements, amendments in these laws are inevitable, new legislation may be made, but it is important that these 100% implementation of rules should be kept in place. And should not be delayed in introduction of building and transport codes. Apart from this, Ahmedpur Sharqi Bahawalpur, keeping the eye tanker's accident in June 2017, wasted health creates a 10-bed modern bridal unit at the level of District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) in Pakistan, to ensure timely treatment of the victims of the voluntary victims. Maybe possible

At this time there is no concept of the skin bank in Pakistan, a scan bank should be set up at the federal level, in this regard, effective organization of organization of law and order and other people, Donate) to be encouraged. A human skin donation can be secured for many years in the Scan Bank and it will be possible to save people's precious lives by setting up a scan bank.

Lastly, keep the mind of Raqam-ul-Halhoo as a "little fire never mind".

The fire is a huge disaster that is available as a permanent threat to earthquake damage, if we create conscious awareness among people at all levels, and ensure security arrangements, we can overcome this disaster.
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