Hole in the sun

Do you know what the sun is? The sun is the star of our solar system. It is a complete plot of hot plasma that creates a magnetic field with its internal movements, and for this it uses a dynamo process.

If we say that on our whole planet the sun is not only the most important source of life, but because of the same energy on our planet, then it will not lie. The sun causes all kinds of animation, movements, and a stroke on this planet. Due to this, there is green on our ground and also tree plants. If the sun had not been, neither would we get water, nor could we get other sources of energy. In our lives all the spring is from the same sun's tail. That sun sakes our crops and produces all kinds of fruits for us. It also produces a large number of grains for us. As the livestock of the land is responsible for the same sun. It also raines rain on our land and gives us every kind of season.

The diameter of the sun is 109 times larger than our land, and its value is 330,000 compared to the earth, as it is 99.86% of the overall total solar system of our solar system.
Almost three quarters of the sun's concentration consist of hydrogen (~ 73%), and most of the helium (~ 25%) are in large quantities such as oxygen, carbon, neon gas and very small quantities.

The sun is not a new or a young star, it's quite old. Experts and scientists based on our land believe that it came to be 4.6 billion years ago and due to the rotation of the material in a very large mechanical cloud due to its occurrence. Was a bunny When the majority of all the substances were gathered in the center, all the other substances were choped and started moving around the sun in the center of which the solar system came into existence.

After this the sun's rise and extent increased, the main substance became so hot and convinced that due to this, Nuclear Chewing Blasts also started in its center. Experts believe that all stars have come into existence through that process and later they have created our solar system. Our sun is not a young star, the bill that is actually called a star star, because it has dramatically been in its place for more than four billion years and it is not even a particle equal. It is believed that the next five billion years will not change, and it will be stable on its condition.

The sun has been considered as a huge and very fearless source of energy and power since the time of ancient times, and in some nations and their cultures, it has been ranked as a god, as it is considered as a manifestation of power and energy. Is. As our land has been moving around the sun in different times, our solar calendars have come into existence which is still used throughout the world. Experts say that our sun is the brightest and most visible thing in our heavenly sky.

But in recent years this sun has also become difficult. It is said that our space and scientific experts have seen a broken or stirring match.

Last week, NASA reported very significantly throughout the world that 75,000 miles wide of our Earth's axis sun has created a huge hole which can make significant changes in our land and also And there can be a huge and unexpected loss of settlers who may not be able to retrieve for years and even centuries.

Our geologists are also worried that due to this, our communication planets can be destroyed and our land can sink into darkness. If so, the property of the earth will be a huge loss, which can not be imagined at all. But specialists are worried about it and they are facing many problems regarding the future of the earth.

These scientists and experts have warned those living on the ground that the destruction of the 75,000 miles wide hole on the sun can cause great destruction on our planet, it will have to find some solution immediately, if This problem persists in its place and no strategy has been set to deal with it, then the sun can destroy the solar flame from the sun and mix it.

Experts also say that the solar bulb that they have seen, they have named AR2665 and it is 74,560 miles wide, 120,000 km wide, it is so big in its dimensions that can be seen from our land. . They also say that this solar shock is so big and frightening in its dimensions that the 'M-class' solar flame can cause that which can cause multiple radiation connections to be disrupted on our ground and later Due to that, artificial communication planets may also suffer from disaster, because they will cause radiation storms and will affect the new communication system's disturbing communication system badly.

How can this affect our land?
Solar flames can destroy all of our communication planets, which will cause huge and heavy losses to our planet, which can later change in loss of life and financial losses will be so high that We can not even think about this at all.

We know that our space experts are present in space laboratories all year and keep new experiments there. But for our astronauts there is no immediate danger due to this, because they are in the lower downsquirts against this human mission. If they were in the upper orbit, they would certainly have been in direct access to the solar storm or solar flames, but currently they are protected from the expected disaster. But for them there is only a danger, that is because they take a walk in space in their experimental stages, so they will be worried about cumulative exposure and they must be.

It means that they are under the threatening flames and flames of solar storm that are spread over continuous and immersive suns, due to which they may be in danger of multiple threats, but also many injections of anguish. Apart from this, another major threat to our land may also be that due to Charged Particles or this solar storm, charged particles can threaten our airline by influencing our earth's magnetic field. Then large large flames can produce flows or roots in the grid of our electrical system that due to these, our energy supply may also be eliminated at any time and can end up at any time and complete the darkness on our soil. That's all night.


Regarding how and how this solar storm occurred, our experts say that our solar dynamics economies had first discovered a huge solar block last week, which remained till this weekend. These solar spots are actually dark and more cold parts of the sun surface that are due to the interaction with the sun's magnetic field. It appears that these parts appear to be in areas where there is a lot of intense magnetic animation and whenever the energy is removed, the result is that the solar flame also displays and the magnitude of solar spots. Tremendous and fierce solar storms, which have not yet seen any treatment, and no strategy has been developed to cope with them.

Such solar storm or solar flames can create a wide range of polar lights around the world, but with these scenes scenes, dangerous games can also be played with the power grids of our home planet, due to which on earth Chaos can spread and some parts of the earth can also sink in the dark.

In a statement issued in his statement, NASA said: "A group of new golden spots have been roaming and it looks like it is becoming increasingly broader. It was cleared by two days before the sun was clean and clean, but now the first golden spot group has been shown and it is the sole golden spot group on the surface. "

Experts say that they will be in the forefront to say anything final about their final. There is no definite prediction in what can be done for them, and how and how the earth can be affected. But the proposals from NOAA say that they have only 25% of opportunities for M-class flares, because these spots are front and straight in front of our planet's intent.

There is no doubt that these solar spots or gold spots can be a major threat to our loved ones, but in addition, it is also providing an opportunity for our photographers to make these moments and the solar The tropical lights can bring unforgettable, historical and picturesque pictures of light.

A very good and eager photographer Bruno Boni de Oliveira had to say in this context: "I wanted to pull a good picture of the sun for a long time, but every time the sun rings used to come, the light of the sun, I mean Did not make a picture. But in the summer of July 11, I got the opportunity that I dragged a very good picture of the sun with a very good angle. I had found this opportunity a few minutes before the sun rose. When I did Focus, I saw a blow on the sun. I told the experts. After that, the storm came everywhere. "

No doubt nothing can be said about the expected disaster and the risks and concerns, because there are many things that are being guessed only, not in a certain way or final way, what can be said . We are all Muslims, and in the same position, Muslims have the perfect belief and belief that whatever happens, it is from the command of Allah, this world and all universe are made of it, and the same system All the work is being done under the systems. In this regard, we should have the belief and belief that our Lord, who has created this universe, has kept all arrangements for the protection of his servants, he never leaves his servants alone in danger. We hope that he will be merciful to the world and will not let us hurt this beautiful and beautiful earth.
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