Goblies! Whom do you lie about?

The British newspaper Garjain and the BBC are considered to be Britain's wisdom-class class spokesperson, but in an underlying article an imaginative explanation of the propaganda made by these 'authentic' organizations has been presented. .

In this paradise made for brutal killers in the world, Goblies was full of wine mixed with the blood of Romans, Communists, and Jews, suddenly knocking it at the door. The door was 50 feet away from its luxurious sofa. The couch made of human skull was sunglasses, which was awarded by the renowned German Journalist Luther von Tarottha, the same Journalist Luther, who began the first generation of twentieth century from the heroic of Herero and the ancient tribe in Namibia. Journal Luther was the closest neighbor of Gobiles in the killers of the killers.

'Who can this be?' Guebles wondered, 'Is this my favorite friend Ariel Sharon?' Sharon and Gobbels initially separated from each other because of Sharon's Judea, but soon they both knew that their blood thirst was more important than all the differences. One day earlier, both of them had a fascinating discussion on the twentieth century and the eighth century propaganda strategy. Goobles opened the door smiling, he was assuming that perhaps he had come to restart Sharon's tomorrow's debate, but he was frustrated by seeing a living man instead of Sharon in front of him.
''Who are you? Who ... .... "Guablies asked for concern.

''Hello! I am a British scientist, and I work for a British physician, a British center of wisdom, in which most of the British wisdom brands are British, "a person standing in front of Guibelies was British literary libraries. And in reply to a lot of thanksgiving.

'' but how ? How'd you get here? The access to living humans is not possible until this place, "Gobles" has begun extravagant asking for anxiety.

"I am a British wisdom and truth, for justice, whenever we can!"

"Oh? What do you want from me? "Gobles said pointing to coming in.

"There is no time to come in," British wisdom said, "I have come here to take you from here. Our reporters have told us that in the modern world in the killers' paradise, various propaganda strategies are debating strongly. Well, I'm sorry to say that your disrespectful ideas are totally stupid. I show you what the modern propaganda is! "With this, British wisdom Vyh stood up and began to read this mantra by catching the wrists of Gobbels.

"We are British wisdom, we are faithful and intelligent,

We always call our government what is the best and the best,

We sing and dance well, how brave and free we are,

Still, the criticism we criticize is our enemy,

We always tell you the truth, our heart labor, our wealth is the trumpet! "

At the end of the mantra, Gobbels found himself in a room filled with the managers and the opinion makers. "The people present in this room will tell you how the propaganda system works," British wisdom Vyhe started his lecture. "It's a complicated system, fat, can I call you a liar?"

Without listening to Guablies, he kept himself saying "Very simple, modern propaganda system can not be done in such a manner: Opening the ideas of food, food, slaughter, and stupid activities, the good news, truth, half truth, lies Incorporation and often developing healthy-based membranes. This is the latest propaganda system! "

The British wisdom wig saw the Gobbelles smiling and said: "Not your way of life!"

Gobbelles tried to answer while hesitating, but the British wisdom vowed immediately biting her. Do not misunderstand me. Here are some people who really walk on your way, for example Fox News, but they are not respected anywhere other than their own country. On the other hand, we maintain our dedication and do not give anyone the opportunity to make fun of our values. "

Seeing Guibeles did not believe in his words, the British scholar Vedra turning around, said, "Bricks are over. Now your power starts with sense! The most important case study study for this is that, anti-semitism campaign to curb Jeremy Corbin, which we are at the front. "For this purpose, I first introduce you some important help. Will act with actors. These propaganda systems are not a direct part, I do not know why they are helping us, but are doing. Our first assistant is the founder of Wikipedia Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales.

Ayn Rand's novel 'Atlas Shrugged' skeleton sitting on a cozy chair, saw a person busy in the circle, watching Goblies. "These are helping us in the jasmine craving campaign." British wisdom said. "For example, you see this trick."

'' Twenty? Is it like birds like birds? "Gobles said in a stupid manner. Yes yes This is a new era of liver. To appreciate and appreciate someone, you only need a few hundred characters.

Just do your own tricky and funny things, and keep working on your goal. "Gobiles was born in the new platform of Twin, which had transformed humans into the foolish brain of birds. In the best tool to propaganda, his first encounter was in the form of follow-up tips of Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales. "Excellent" Gobiles said in paradise. "Although I know Corobine never said that he asked the right to have Israel's existence. It is a lie alike. "He looked at Jimmy Wells's eyesight, which was showing anxiety when he was a liar.

"Lie"? Wells said almost screaming. "It's not a lie. It has been hiding in dozens of websites including all types of gadgets. And we mean that Wikipedia is impossible to find the truth in our world. Only one thing is important and that is the confirmation. And Mister, I can tell with the fact that the statement on my Cobain is valid. And I can give you thousands of things that prove to you true. "

"Do you lie to the truth so that it becomes true?" Gobiles said in the eyes of British wisdom. Speaking to this, the British wisdom wale smiled and said, "Well, some old strategy of propaganda is still working." At that moment, he came near to hear a woman who was saying '' You Jeremy Cobain is standing on the remains of my ancestor father !. "The first reference to Jimmy Wells's Twitter, the British scholar Vie, pointing to the closest woman, said, who was holding a book in his hand, whose title was "How to get less Rich and Forward Watts at Fields Light tobacco (And Shot On The Owner Group of People Are You the Career)."

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm rolling jaw, "the woman said while talking to Gobiles.

'Oh, J. Rolling,' 'Globes' eyes shine. "Simon Simon's recent book in the killers' paradise is very good for your books."

'Thank you, but why ?, J. Rolling asked Masrat. "You know that in order to do something big in the world, you need to work hard and struggle. Everyone complaining is fool. They need to work hard like me. People say that everybody can not be lucky to me. I say you are looking for excuses. This is the result of hard work not only for fate. "

"" Are you also against Cobain? "Gobiles asked and smiling. "Yes, this too," the British wisdom wale told before rolling out, it is constantly against it, initially, he could not win, he was bad for the workers. Now that day, this propaganda is continuing. "

"Of course, I did all this," J. Rolling said Fakhria. "And when all of these things remain uncomfortable, it is included in the 'Anti-Semitic' brigade. You can check their tips. "British wisdom said.

"But right-handed people are not angry that Libers are saying this way", Guablies asked inexperienced.

"Sure," Jay J. rolling grew up in the same rage and said that all the British intellectuals in the gospel, because they have inherited them. "Of course, you are not giving me a suggestion that only I should note their words because they are right arm."

Gobbellz shook his head, the same moment was born lightly. The famous British journalist Jonathan Friedland, who spoke in his special shycloth and rigid speech, was coming to Guillips. He approached Globally, stretching his hand, said, "Good luck, you're a big killer and we hate big killers in the Georgian, but in addition, we also believe in the moral values ​​and freedom of expression. And you are dead anyway, I have no heart in my heart, so I am getting you hands as a big killer. "

Fredland looked at him with handsome warmth from Gobbelles, perhaps he was expecting his self-esteemed style to be embedded. Gobbelles, who propagated massively, did not have any ideas about Fredland and his contemples, so he got a hand in hand. British wisdom Vedas showed a shock proudly, "and this is Mr. Fredland's efforts in our campaigning campaign."

Well, I do not take a lot of credit, it's my day's work. "Friedland said shy. "And there is not only one Fredland, we do it all in Garage," he says. "The British wisdom vessel said to him," It's just an example. "Friedland tries to mix the British wisdom "Now I'm going to show you what you'll be surprised to see," said Fred. "This is what Fredland said in front of the computer screen Gobbels. There was a long list of articles written in Garage regarding Corbine on the screen. "These are just anti-Corobine articles written in Garage in the past one month! And the number of such articles is not hundreds of thousands. "

"What about Palestinians?" Have you ever taken their opinion? "Gobiles asked.

"Well, we support them," Fredland said in a loud voice. "In Garage we work with rituals, I mean we do good services for the Palestinians, but rocket attacks should be stopped. . Yes yes, rocket attacks must be kept, whoever says it, otherwise it's anti-cement !! "Just saying this, Fredland got out of the room for breathing. Stephen Sukch, hosted by the BBC program HardTock, sitting in a corner in Frederick's room, quietly came to the room and spoke to British wisdom Vysser, saying, "I see that you How many proofs have been shown to explain the truth, but I will say that we are propagating better than that in the BBC. "

"Where is your evidence, sir," British wisdom vowed immediately.

"I'm sorry, I'll show you evidence. I have more evidence than just campaign against Cobain. "Stephen said screaming. Along with this he showed some news on the BBC website, "Look at these titles?" In this, Israel always protects and conflicts between Palestinians and Israel, and if both sides are equal, then consider how to tell people about death, when Palestinians die only or if Israel kills them. We just write that many people die, do not write why they die. That way we propaganda well! "

"Well, the BBC case has a lot of fear and less." The British wisdom vowel point out a newsletter published in the BBC World saying:

The BBC quoted earlier that "a woman and a child were killed in a Israeli air strike" but on Israeli pressure, you changed the head and changed something. "Gaza air strike, rocket attack on Israel After a woman and a child died. "A new one of your new editor wrote in her book that" After writing a report about Israel and Palestine, we look forward to phone call from the Israelites in fear of fear. ''

Well, this proves your statement to me. "Stephen responded selfishly. "I was sitting there sitting in the place where you were telling Gobbelles that fear and low zeal are also part of the propaganda system." Do you and Gobbels agree with this logic! "So it is a proof that how good it is in the BBC propaganda, you have seen yourself how to prove proof." Stephen continued his words, "I am a Pakistani person." Hamed Haroon continued to ask for military intervention in the election, he is a rich man to study from the London School of Economics. That's why he believed in our supremacy. "

"Keep your hands on your heart and tell: If instead of a Pakistani publisher, sitting in front of you, the Russian publisher tells you that Putin and Russian agencies have kept the freedom of expression, so do you do the same questions in the same aggressive manner. ? "The British wisdom vowed further to secularize.

"Well, well," Stephen tried to bend the point of view, but suddenly he remembered a reminder that all the British intellectuals used to do the same after coming into pressure, that would be loud and exhilarating. "What do you have to prove that I never asked this question from a Russian publisher. I am asking you where the evidence is? "She asked the screaming. In the style of questions asked by Hamid Haroon and Glenn Green Weed, Stephen went out of anger in his anger without his uncertainty.

Looking at the British wisdom, she said in a deliberate manner, "It is a true British wisdom. "Guablies had been impressed by seeing all this, but did not want to recognize defeat easily. "But this is not impressive" he said, "we used to do the same thing." It's just a lie of false news. Let's tell the lie so much that they become true etc., etc. "Gobles" started speaking in a loud voice in German dialects. Speaking to her, the British wise man shouted and said, "Of course you are right, sir. This is not all impressive. In the past you were the master of all these things. "Guabeles heard a little calm. "But this is just half of what we are doing," said British wisdom Vie, looking at Guibelies, with confidence. Guibelies was watching his anticipated defeat in the British behavior of her brother's behavior, she insisted, "What do you do in the past half?"

"We always keep the visible values ​​of British values, truth and justice, transparency and charity," British scholar said. Well, my friend, you think more about justice and truth, and we loved the Jews! But I think it would not have any effect on your coverage? "Gobiles said inexperienced.

"Sure, see all the evidence, everything is fine."

"If you read it, then what you expect from it. It has been designed to make it possible for British. Our original work is as follows: Just as a artist's hands are cleansed, we have made it clear that despite the lack of "lack of taste", garage is so irrelevant. "

"We have George Mon-Betty who is angry with others's crimes, but when this is the crime in our great state, it is George, who becomes a decent and humble, like all British British wisdom brothers. He often writes a new liberalism by blaming someone else. We like such criticism, complete abstract, merciful. "

"Gobles was impressed but trying to not show it.

'' What else do you do? ''

''Besides that? Some propaganda, with the headlines of the head, and the head, the British wise brother answered.

"What do you mean?", Guablies asked Trouble.

"That means we use captions as propaganda, as Stephen told. And then inside the article, in the end write a little bit of truth. "

"What will be the benefit from it?" Guebles asked surprise.

'' Are you really asking that? I could not even imagine that you would be so hurt. Now I am not surprised why your propaganda was so dreadful! Dear! If we accuse a propaganda or lie on us, we can show it some lines written in the truth in this article. But a lecture can be negligible or negligible. For example, look at the Yemeni attack attack;

"A dozen children were killed in aerial attack on a bus carrying children" Could we write in the head that British aid received this brutality? However, at the end of this news, we have mentioned in a few lines at the end that the British government helped Saudi Arabia's military for this aerial attack. We have also written in the end that the UK sold $ 4 billion seventy euros to Saudia in the past three years, which is now being used in Yemen, but there is no mention in the headline.

When this news headline should have done something like this:

Saudi Arabia has killed 29 children in aerial attack on school bus in Yemen and some of them should have been subjected to this, "said Riaz, who used to attack the attack on British civilians. The '

Just think if this air strike would have happened to us by an enemy, it would have been something that would be headed by some news. "Satan came to Yemen: A large number of women and children died at the pilot's air strike" and its subtitled was like this. 'The world needs to be united in order to stir up Russian dictatorship!'

"But obviously, when our allies bomb a bomb somewhere, then we make mention of their abuse in hidden words in the news of the news so that no one should complain."

These words of British wisdom were confused by Gobles. All this was far more than its unhealthy mind.

"I see that you can not understand my words completely. Let's give you one last example and the British wisdom, wondering in the eyes of Guibelies, saying, "Let's take an event of your distress, the rebellion made by Jews in Warsaw; the Jewish population of Warsaw. During the rebellion, the Nazis wanted to make such titles:

Jewish residents living in Warsaw became violent, seven-day violence carried out several shops and vehicles in fire and several others were killed.

Now this headline can not know why these killings begin and, and remember that we have used 'two-way' words. Soldiers with heavy weapons are not killed. This post is receiving a message that the Jews became violent due to some reasons. At the end of this news you can write it in a line,

"Some observers say that the anger of the Jews is legitimate because they are trying to disturb them from their native areas, and so on.

To reduce its effects, such a small paragraph should be included:

"However, General von Bloomberg says that people spreading terror in cities will not be tolerated anymore, and German forces are completely prepared to cope with the cause of anarchy."

"How do you do all this my dear friend?" Gobles said.

"I think this is the result of our long colonial history. We had the world's best wisdom and are still there. If British philosophy is very skeptical then we do not lie to them. That's why we deceive them like this. Whenever they challenge us, then the same becomes a fierceness and anger. Our same courage and anger are the best weapon for people who are definitely less educated. "The British wisdom wale said in a fascinating manner.

"It's a shame for me that I did not get the chance to learn anything from you," Gobles said.

"You do not even listen to the best part of it." The British scholar said in the voice of Kariya, "The face of her face was very bad, saying this, such as somebody's face." I'm naked.


"Garage is considered a left-handed development newspaper in British wisdom circles !!"

"What?" Goblies suddenly got a shock. Then the smile appeared on the face of Gobbelles and British wisdom brothers. Then both started laughing unhealthy. Hearing the sound of his lips, Jay Rolling, in the equatorial room, reads a mantra of high-hearted Harry Potter. "Expective Petronum"

But both of these spells were not affected but both began to laugh loudly.

"Loose and fat! Do you know what is the most fun thing? "British wisdom Vy tried while trying to overcome his laughter.

"What?" Guablies asked her laugh.

The BBC also left !!!!!!!!!!!!

The last sentence detected both the new friends, and both of them got back from their backs to laugh like insane.
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