Fear type of flame discovered

There are several types of flames. It includes all the curious insects whose waist or lower body is slim and those who live in groups. Usually these are harmful, such as the fury or the biting of the body, it is very painful on the part of the body and swelling.

Recently scientists have discovered a new and fierce type of flame in the Amenonian forestry. Her stink is extremely sharp and strong. With this, it enters power into its victim's body, and then gives eggs inside its body. Because its generation grows in its habitat.

You will see the movies of Alien vs Predator series. In these films, space called Alien creates its egg into their stomach through the mouth of humans. Children get out of these eggs fasting, and then tear out the human beans and break out the ribs. So this person's painful death falls.
This kind of new type of flame is something similar to the discovery of Finland's Tricky University. According to researchers, this type of flame is found in the middle area of ​​Koh Andas's mountain range and narcotics plant. During his campaign, scientists have discovered many types of flames, but the type which they have given the scientific name of Clistopyga crassicaudata, the balance is unique in all types.

Illustrate the study of biological diversity in the University of Illinois, Ilari E. Sääksjärvi says the rebound type of the flame is long and wide in comparison to all other types. It looks like a strong, sharp weapon. Usually this type of spider opens for a better generation.

After spoiling the spider, the poison adds first poison into the body through the dunk, resulting in the spider becomes obsolete and then gives eggs on or inside the body. The lanes of the eggs make food dead spider.

According to the professor, there is a need for poisonous transfer or egg in the substance of fungal insects such as honey bees related to the types of flame, butter etc, but this type is unhappy in the undesirable type. According to the science team, initially, they could know the same two goals of this unusual stupid, hunting the hunting body and poisoning it, and then feeding it in the body to increase the race. Although science continues to be investigated, they say that the potentially untrue type of action will be taken more than this weapon.
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