Facebook is Helpful for leaving smocking

In a new study, it has been said that Facebook is becoming more than two times more successful than the normal circumstances in which youths get rid of smoking habits.

According to the research article published in the scientific journal, "Edinburgh", Facebook can play a crucial role in reducing the habit of smoking in the youth. Through social media, those youths can also be cured by smoking, who were not even ready to abandon this habit.

Research proved that Facebook's online cigarette program has got 2.5 fold success in three months. Researchers had set a 90-day special program to encourage smoking and to help youth. Two groups consisting of nine ninths were tested. Researchers get similar results in both groups.
In the research, 500 youths participated in which 45 percent of men and 55 percent of women were involved. 87% were young people who used to smoke daily on average, between 21 to 30 years, when all those people were not willing to quit smoking, but they would try to participate in the campaign on trial basis. Was prepared.

Researchers set targets for three months, six months and one year, and on completion of each stage gave valuable gifts, honoraries and points to young people, and they increased interest The goals were achieved when group discussions and personal conversations were very fascinating.

Researchers say that the major reason for the success of Facebook is to stay in constant touch with the youth team and keep young habits and matters, ideas and style of thinking from their timeline, which may be possible in the patients No hoop Therefore, compared to the general situation, we got 2.5 times more success due to Facebook.
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