Exploring the dark black hole while staring stars

Paris: Experts of the Astronomy International team discovered a wall-mounted black hole after a 10-month continuous observation, which is engaged in harassing the stars near the sun, resulting in huge rises.

This astronomical event was observed last year (in 2015), which was initially understood as a superhava blast, but a group of astronomers did not satisfy it and they believed that the cause of this emission of great light was one Unique and huge Black Hole, which is engaged in hitting stars as our sun.

In order to confirm this idea, an international team consisting of astronomers of Australia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK, and USA, under the "European Economic Abstract" Apart from the powerful telescope installed on earth, the space telescope of the Hubble Space Telescope and the "Space Swift Game Burst Mission" constantly witnessed this phenomena for 10 months and collected various necessary data.
After careful cautious analysis of all data, scientists say that in this incident the gaming rays and exacerbation emissions from which it is located is very close to the center of a galaxy and in the Galaxy Canyon very high (large-scale) Black hole is available. This black hole is engaged in stroke our sun stars like a star, and on the other hand, there are so many radical flags out there. Scientists also say that in the previous explanation of the incident, which was done as a supernova, there are many technical defects when this incident could not be considered as a new star. On the basis of these things, they are calling it a unique event of universe.

It is clear that many super-massive Black Holes, which are also known as "low-fat black holes" in Hindi, are millions more than millions of times larger than their normal black holes. That is, the quantity of matter in a thick black black hole can be more than 10 million times a billion times higher than our sun.

Lots of black holes are found in galaxies, and in the same way they are also known as "active galactic nuclei" or "acres" AGN ". There is also a huge Black Hole in the center of our countryside galaxy, whose experts have estimated that it is 40 million more than our sun. That is, there is more than 40 million stars of our sun in this black hole.

Since we can not see Black Holes, for their observation, the powerful exclamation of extreme exorcism and gamble rings are removed from the falling objects and also called "the last scream of the flesh." Goes away
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