Every day two sun swallow hungry black holes

BABBABINE: Experts astrologers have discovered a Black Hole from the Earth for 12 billion years to spread rapidly, because they make our sun in the form of 2 stars like 2 stars in every 24 hours.

It is clear that none of the black holes are light, but at its very close point, the substance falling in it removes the enormous energy that is in the form of light and x-ray; and black holes are due to the emission of these specific radicals. Is identified

Using this principle, astronomers of Australian National University have discovered a Black Hole over the 12 billion year period from the ground, spreading rapidly. This is a very jasmine black hole, which is the fastest growing black hole we have so far, because it's fast growing up to its close stars and other substances.
This black hole has been seen in the center of a coach, which is named as SMSS ~ J215728.21-360215.1. Its deficit is more than 20 billion times higher than our sun, and one percent is spread every 10 million years. Experts have told that it is so bright that even more than a thousand times more than one galaxy is bright. The reason for this is that the temperature and friction that swallowing the gas is removing the light.

Says Dr. Krishen Wolf, who works on it, "It's like a very big giant, if we were in the center of our Galaxy, we would see more than 10 times more bright than the whole moon. But 12 billion years old, we are unable to see its light. 'It is believed that this is one of the only Black Holes born after the Big Bang.

However, experts are unable to know the real reason for their development and the real reason to grow and they are trying to solve the world.

According to Professor Wolf, such big black holes have been found in the early days of the universe, and we do not know why it is growing so fast.

The Expert's team has discovered this Black Hole with the help of the data collected by the European Space Agency's Guinea Strait, NASA's Wide Field Survey Survey Explorer and a space telescope.
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