Einstein's theory addition wrong?

According to physics, the modern physics building is set on two pillars. One of these friends is the famous ideology of ion stein and second quantum mechanics.

Ain Stein presented the theory in 1915, which describes the distribution of gravity in the universe. However, explaining many aspects, this theory also failed. Therefore, later physics presented the concept of an illustration of an illustration (Dark Meter) as a legitimate demand for demanding issues, which spread across the universe.

According to scientists, 27 percent of the quantity and energy in the observable universe consist of Dark Meter. The concept of the presence of this mysterious subject was first presented in 1922. Since then, there have been tremendous efforts to discover this, and science is engaged in many research and experiments, but its existence has not yet been confirmed.
While studying stars and galaxies, astrologers discovered that the gravity forces were stronger than expected in space. The areas covered in the outer boundaries of galaxies, including our countryside, are rotating faster than their own centers. The idea of ​​ion strain addiction is unable to accelerate this fasting. Therefore scientists assumed that there is no other power in the universe that we can not see. They named this power as Dark Meter.

Science has failed to observe the particles of Dark Meter. Based on the observation of some sectarian effects on the merely visible material, they have emerged as the Dark Meter.

This year a hypothesis was presented. This assumption was claimed that our understanding of gravity, which was first introduced by Ion Stan, is equally wrong. The words of other ion stein is incorrect! This hypothesis has been presented by Professor Eric World of Professor of Amsterdam University, which was published in a scientific journal earlier this year. Professor Eric also describes the Dark Meter solution in assumptions.

According to the physics, the Dark meter does not exist. The scientists of Netherlands made research studies to examine this hypothesis. Surprisingly, his studies are showing proof of being correct. If this hypothesis is correct, then the current physics of knowledge will be placed and all the rules and regulations will be written in a new way.

According to professor, we need to consider gravity on gravity, and for this it must be denied the negative meter. Professor has rejected this concept in his view that Gravity is the primary force of nature. Instead, they call it a 'emergent phenomenon'.

To examine Professor's world's assumption, the scientists of the Lead, Observing the Netherlands, witnessed consideration of the distribution of materials in more than thirty thousand galaxies, under the leadership of Margot Boror. Finally, they discovered that the use of the world's imagination can be described as part of the Dark Matter.

The research team to work for galaxies worked with gravitational lensing. This is the authentic way to find the quantities of galaxies. Using this method, the researchers propose the idea of ​​Ain Stein's theory and the idea of ​​the world's ideas, and predicts galaxies. He saw that the results of both Gravity's results were the same, but it was important that no 'free scale' was supported in the theory of the world.

Margot said that the results of the Dark Meter model were slightly better than the concept of the world, but this theory has helped with independent measures, unlike the conventional world, there is no free measure. The performance of the contemporary world or gravity model improved.

If the concept of the world presented through further trials becomes an ideology, then revolution in physics will be lost. The idea of ​​ion steve will prove to be wrong, as well as the history of modern physics will also be published.
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