Egypt: Hossain Mubarak's son arrested in Stockholm charges

Damascus (Net News) Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda's two sons, Al-Qaeda's former President Hossein Mubarak have been arrested for allegedly extraditing the stock market. The Egyptian judiciary, besides Jamal and Al-Mubarak, had accredited three buyers' shares to some buyers through their front companies and they did not inform the stock market with the compromises related to it.

These five were present on Saturday in a criminal court in Cairo during the trial and the judge ordered them to be arrested. According to a judicial order, they will be given custody in custody. Now the trial will be held on October 20.

It is clear that Jamal Mubarak was head of the ruling committee of the ruling party, head of his father Hosni Mubarak and was considered as father's political successor. Al-Mumra, his elder brother, was away from politics, but was charged with the allegations of making money by using father's influence.

He was arrested after a few short breaks after the end of the power of Hosni Mubarak in 2011 but he was released from prison for three years ago. Both of these brothers were sentenced to three, three years imprisonment in a corruption case, with father Hosni Mubarak in May 2015.

The National Treasury has been prosecuted for accusing one billion euros (one million and a million dollars) of money on the renovation of the presidential palace. So when they were sentenced to death, the period of the imprisonment Had been in jail.

Reserve Force announces to stop protests in Basra
Bazarah (Nato News) - Al-Qaeda Shia militia activist in Iraq has announced to form a parallel force for pressing protest movement in Bajaur, under the influence of Iranian Basay Malaysia, Iran's 'Basaj' Malaysia is also operating under the 'Reserve' force in the country under the military patronage. Al-Adhid has adopted this method, announcing the formation of a force consisting of about 30 thousand armed elements in Basra, which will play an important role in crushing public protest movement in the city.

According to media, the formation of the Al-Qaeda-linked Shia-e-Islami forces in Basra has been developed in response to the revolt of the Iranian consulate from the protesters. Sources say that this new mobilization force will join members of youth groups of Shia militias in the Basra government. They will be provided specially to provide weapons.

A statement issued by the Bureau of Mobilization Force office said that the purpose of establishing a new force is to clear the area from dirty and destructive elements. In the statement, citizens have been appealed to voluntarily join in this force.

The statement said that in the first phase, 10 groups of 'Resistance Task Force' will be created, which will use force to prevent people from protesting in different areas of Basra.

In the statement it has been clarified that after the establishment of this new force thousands of armed elements will be given equal financial assistance, weapons and other military facilities to the soldiers. All this will be achieved without referring to the Ministry of Defense.
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