Does a person know that he is dead?

New York: In the new scientific research, it has come to mind that the brain remains working shortly after the death of human beings, and the person who dies is known to have died.

This claim has been made by the director of high-care Dr. Sam Parnia, director of New York's Langon School of Medicine, who says that when human life is over all the archives, human consciousness remains active for some time. The meaning is that man knows that he is dead and when the doctors say that the patient is dead, he is also listening to these words.

Dr. Sam Parnia and his team are researching on those who had heart attack and technically died, but later they were saved. This is the biggest research of its nature.
Some people involved in the research said that even after the doctors were declared dead, they could hear things around and they knew what was going on there. The patients were confirmed by the doctors and paramedical staff who were present in the room.

Medically, a person is termed dead when his heart stops closing and causes blood access to the brain due to it. Dr. Sam Parnia says that as soon as the heart closes the heart, human beings are dead, after this, the blood does not reach the mind and the brain stops working immediately, man's power to hear, singing And blindness is deprived, but the brain cells continue working for a while.

There are also evidence that when a person dies death, his brain emissions energy. In 2013, scientists conducted a research on 9 mice at Michigan University. These mice were unconscious and were diagnosed with medication and physically signals were seen in their mind after a long time after their death.

Dr. Sam Parnia says that, as some researchers are researching on the measurement of love in humans, they are also trying to understand that how does it feel when a human being is going through death.
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