Discover the darkest planet of the universe

Expert astrologers have discovered a unique planet like Milan, which absorb 99 percent of the lightning on its own.

Thus, it can be counted on the darkest epicemphic in space. If it is called the darkest planet, it will not be unnecessary because so far the dark planet has not been discovered. Experts astronomer named Wasp-104b to this newly discovered planet. In natural features, it is associated with our solar system's Jasmine and Gassi planet jointly, so it has been included in the 'Hot Jupiter' category.

In the metaphysical term, "warm milk" is called the planets that comply with our solar system's largest planets in the form of their quantity and other natural features; but their origin is very short, ie, its own The main stars (sun) are very close to which not only their temperature is much higher, but they are rapidly growing around their sun. Such "hot milk" generally counts a circle around its sun in almost ten days - "one year" of such planets is equal to ten days passing through the ground. Wasp-104b completes one cycle in its orbit only in 1.75 days.
The New Hot Milk University (Keele) is exploring the researchers associated with the University of Britain. He announced the discovery of this unique planet after analyzing the data obtained from NASA's Captain Space Telescope, in constant circulation around the earth. The planet is so close to its sun that it does not even contain the clouds surrounding it, which is often seen around the planets. The sun's distance between the stars and the sky, because of the extreme diminishing, the Gassi throws clouds away from the planet. As a result, this planet will appear wrapped in black fog because its ingredients consist of abundance of potassium and sodium, whose atoms absorb almost all the light bulbs.

According to scientists, the uncontrollable planet is located in the 'Asad' (Liu) rocket, which is situated 466 miles from the ground. Punch this planet completes a cycle around its sun in two days. Interestingly, it takes the same time to complete one of its axis rotations. This means that half of this unique planet is always on the sun and the remaining half is always in its opposite direction. The word is always half of the day and half on its part.
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