Chinese father found 24 years old daughter

Beijing: A father in China continuously searched for his lost daughter after 24 years of work.

Chinese citizen Wing Fingering was playing with her futures on January 8, 1994 in Chengdu. Both the wife's wife was busy selling the fruit that her four-year-old daughter van Qi Feng suddenly disappeared. After that, parents searched for their daughter everywhere and night this night, they returned home with tears and sails but their daughter did not get it.

On the next day, he lodged a report on child custody in police station and started searching for it in every institution. Apart from this, advertisements also took place in local newspapers, but the time passed, and the possibility of child recovery went to waste.

After that, another house was born to another girl who was associated with her lost sister. Both continued to search for their daughter and kept showing their pictures everywhere and questioned people, but they could not get any success.

In the year 2015, car service started in China through a mobile phone and Wang started working as a driver in a famous Chinese car rental company. Meanwhile, she met many people and kept asking her about her daughter. She also paste her daughter's picture and other details on her car's previous glass. He will certainly distribute the card to the people where he goes. In just a few years, he shared cards in 17000.

Last year, a passenger sitting in the wing car poured her pain on social media that became viral even though TV and newspapers also contacted her daughter for the past 23 years. He told the newsletters that his biggest desire is that his daughter sat in his car and called loudly Abu, saying that he became irritated again.

This strange story wrapped millions of Chinese hearts. Then a person associated with Chinese TV announced his valuable painting of his 33 lakhs to the person who could help Wang find his daughter. Then she called Wang at her show and started helping her daughter find out.

After this, Van Kwai Feng's search took place in China a national campaign. Looking at the picture of the child, the best artist of the police started making a fascinating picture of his recent age. This picture was shared by millions of people and finally came to a time when Wang got her daughter.

The lady was named King Young, who was staying in a Chinese province Jalan, thousands of kilometers from her father's area in Chengdu. When he saw his childhood and then the pictures of angels, on TV, he realized that he liked it. Then in 2018, he contacted Wang and told that there is a sign on the forehead that Wang had known as a sign and he still cries, but he throws his anger as his father Had a note

It is clear that since many years police had contacted Wang about his potential daughters but the DNA of the father and daughter was very different. However, on 1 April 2018, Wang was told that she got a daughter that she has been looking for for 24 years and her DNA tests are also uniform.

Now King Young is mixed with his father, however, the missing details are not yet visible on the scene. He said that he remained only one kilometer away from his parents for several years, and later he moved to another province.
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