China plans to feed flowers on the moon

Beijing: During a Science Conference in China's Chiming University, Chinese experts have revealed that they have developed a special laboratory for feeding flowers on the moon and to promote silk insects that reached the moon till the end of the year. Will be

According to China's official news agency, it is a little bit like a soft drink a bottle bottle and is named "Lunar Money Biosphere". The 18 cm long and 16 cm wide length of this laboratory is 0.8 liters and it is 3 kilograms. It has been used in special materials containing Aluminum Fruits (Eloves), whereas it has been developed with research and collaboration in China's 28 universities.

Despite its short proportion, the lunar mini biosphere will also have water, air, and all the essential nutrients, as well as the roots of silk worms besides the arabidopsis and potato seeds in a tray inside it. The eggs will also be kept.
Lunar Mini Biosphere will be placed on the part of the Moon, placed in China's automatic spacecraft "Chang'e-4", which is always on the opposite side of the earth and will never be seen from the ground.

Within a laboratory, a short but powerful and sensitive cameras equipped with communication devices will be installed, which will be planted by planting plants and sending all the scenes of silk insects to the planet's planet (Abrar) Will broadcast to the laboratory. Chinese experts will be aware of the momentum details of their experience.

So far, American, Russian and Chinese space stations have made successful experiments to produce different crops and crops, but it will be the first time to feed flowers on the moon and experiment with silk insects.

Liu Hinglingong, chief director of the Leoner Mini Biosphere said that no air is available on the opposite side of the earth, so the temperature changes rapidly, which is less than 100 degree centigrade to 100 degree centigrams. Can arrive In these circumstances, keeping the internal temperature of this short body from 1 to 30 degree centigrade, it will also be a major challenge to maintain the correct proportion of moisture and nutrients.

The information obtained from this experience will be used in better designing and appropriate planning of human settlements in the future.
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