Children's unique illness

Autism or autism disorder is a birth disability related to mental disorders, which enhances child speeches, people's ability to match people's behavior and behavior.

Autism can have some medical conditions, but unfortunately, neither the actual reason for getting autism was found, nor could any final treatment be found. In recent years there has been a remarkable increase in autism. The most obvious signs of autism appear in the child between two and three years old.

Autism was introduced in 1943 by Dr Lewisz. This birth disability is discriminated in every region of the world, color and race, religion and class. Symptoms of autism can occur at any time during the first three years of birth in children. Some children pass through the natural process of speaking and learning for the first two years, but lose their abilities or suddenly lose before reaching the age of three. Autism also says the random state of mental development. Why and why it is random condition, there is no reason for it to be found.
Autism is neither a disease nor is it due to negligence in children, nor can it be considered responsible for child care, household conditions and training after birth. According to the investigation, one of the hundred and fifty children worldwide is autistic. Boys have more autism rates than girls. Children in autism are often seen as ordinary children, but their attitude makes them different from other children.

Autism, because it affects those parts of the brain that generate a common ability to naturally learn and understand children, so the teaching of these children is very different and difficult. Children suffering from autism have three types of problems. Social or social, language and speech and difficulties in describing your behavior and ideas. There may be some other problems in children with autism. For example, mental health issues (anxiety and depression), High-performance activity disorder (ADHD), lack of focus and functioning over limit, problem of sleeping, difficulties in movement (sedition and retention) etc.

There are significant signs of autism. Do not talk or do too little, make it your world by making it your world, if any changes in everyday life do not endure, play with toys like normal children, listen very slow or very loud, stay uninterrupted Or do not want to move, do not understand fear, fear and fear, feel unhappy or laugh, want to play with unusual things, to show confusion by touching someone, engaging in running too much And the movement of repeated hands and fingers, without any purpose, has some extraordinary abilities in the autistic children. For example, their memory is very good and they have the ability to draw drawing.

Autistic children have the right to read and get education as much as ordinary children. Therefore parents should be able to help these children. The symptoms of treatment can not be taken from a medical exam, but the fullness of children's habits and behavior can be reviewed. Impression therapy can improve children's speech and can help them. The society's positive attitude towards these children can improve them and also improve their mental condition so that they may be happy and enjoy as normal children.

Cause of autism

Experts say that it was first thought that the cold behavior of mother with the child is its main reason. But it's not that. Rather, it involves inherent and neurological factors. In parallel, it could not be understood because of which genes. In addition to this, many parents' diseases that include cancer, diabetes and diabetes can be caused. The second reason for this is the problem of brain nerve. It was not yet known that the structure of which part of the brain or the part of its part causes it.

Program for children's improvement

One of the programs in these children's improvement, their treatment, education and maintenance programs can not be final and excellent as every child is unique to others. According to its special needs, its maintenance program is set. These include sympathy training, vitamins treatment, language training, music therapy, physical training, social training, daily life skills, behavior accuracy, and information technology. Parents and teachers should mark special issues about each child and set their priorities in the light.

Instructions for parents

Keep the attitude of love, love and warmth with the baby. Take the child to social events and introduce the child to family, friends and celebrities. Treat these children as normal children. When the child reaches the age of school, he should enter a nearby special school or general school where the needs of these children are there. The child's curriculum should be made with the teachers in view of their needs and parents should be in touch with the school administration so that every positive and negative aspect of the child can be discussed.

To train such children, train them daily experiences, compete with other children in life's race, give them small happiness, close their courage, encourage them, not to burden them Understanding Mercy and Responsibility and Parents is a great deal.
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