British Puppy Dogs

I had not gone to England for two months, and the feeling of displeasure with the dog was just fresh that my dog ​​entered into my life by becoming a solid reality.

The detail is that in November 1952, a day went to Saint-Alben City, who met Mr Henry Martin. Mr Henry Martin was the principal of my own college (Islamia College, Lahore) by 1920. And after the departure of the college, as it is time to adopt, many good names were considered principals. Martin's old age will be above the age of twenty or above. He lived quietly in his only brother Sahibadi and Daddy's house.

Mrs.'s son-in-law, Mr. Lizley was a engineer in a famous factory-making aircraft. I was partially mentioned in the conversation that Mr. Masland's relative version reaches William Norman's winner. But Regardless of Leslie Maslund's Comparative Version, I made his personal contribution in his own day. I hearted myself in the heart of the love and affection of my wife's father. And to ask the truth, watching people like Lizley Mastland is sure to be a human being.
Well, this is another story, what to say, the fact is that the small number of small dogs and cats in the small house of Mr. and Mrs Mastland were living comfortably. There was no child in both of them, but the abundance of dogs and cats did not feel unhappy at home. There was also a big dog at home because there was a couple of happy moments before I came to visit the historic museum of VERULAM, in the hands of Mrs. Mastland, a dare and cheerful puppy's dog.

The museum is built outside the Saint Romanes outside the ancient Roman city, the ruins of Vermol. When we shook the green gooseopathy of the city's city's city and visiting the museum while looking at the waves of the birds on the transparent waves of the river Vair (VER), it came to know that the four and the museum is closed.

I remember the disappointment of my good heart hosts over me on this occasion, even though Mrs. Mastland did not give up and stirred up, insistently, and asked the door to reopen the museum from every village. Perhaps the last argument that one person has come to see the museum from the other end of the world, the heart's door was passed. He threw the veins and opened the door of the museum and invited us to enter.

There was a new problem on this occasion. You might be aware that dogs and children have some restrictions on independent landlords. For example, a dog can not step into a college in Cambridge or not a child. We were about to enter the museum that Darwin smiled and told us that our friend dogs are not allowed to enter the museum.

From which migration society Mrs Mindand opened a museum, after separating them from us could not even be imagined. But he did not tackle a tone without telling me that I would go with his husband and he himself sat down on a bench outside the museum in his own hand. There was a point in this small incident that opened my eyes.

If the dog is a little animal (as we think) would you have to tie it out of the rope and find it difficult to go inside? But the dog's self-esteem has been found to be left untouchable, leaving the basic principles of human life to the United Kingdom. Dog is not a human being, is a living person. In this case, he has the right to equality with regard to social emotions and emotions. The same thing can be said in the term of Pakistani life that it may be said that English dogs do not only serve as a housewife on bread clothes, it is related to humanity, which is an indefinite innocent child of the house.
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