Bermuda Tiegel analogue

Whenever mentioning Bermuda Triangle in the common people, the concept of such mysterious motivations emerges in the mind that whatever goes on, never comes back. So far dozens of aircraft and hundreds of ships were missing forever in this terrible sea.

Britain's marine boundaries, the most horrible thing about the tornado area between the beaches of the Florida coast and Portico of the United States, is that the big ships and planets ever disappeared here.

Past stories like this have been revealed in the past and recently. Although it was called the center of space creatures, it was sometimes considered as the center of universal circles of gravity. But now for the first time scientists have discovered a secret about Bermuda Trie Angle that can take a curtain from all its mysteries.
According to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, scientists from the Architects University of Nauru have found that in the region of Bermuda Tie-Anagle, the sea-wide is found to be extremely wide and deeply pitched. They have expressed concern that The same boat swallows the ships disappearing in this area. Experts say that in the western part of the Mediterranean Bartots, such big pit has been found in the sea's palm, which is half-mile and while it has a depth of hundreds of feet.

Scientists have attributed methane gas to the sea level due to these sticks. When the oceans collect large amounts of gas, the pressure of the ocean stops because of its pressure. As a result there are large pitfalls. Due to the explosion of methane gas, sea water also increases, and that situation causes swimming swimming ships in the ocean.

Experts believe that if somehow hundreds of feet are likely to be seen in the deep pit, then the remains of the ships disappeared in Bermuda Triangel Angels. The plane flying due to Matheen gas also falls into the sea. .
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