Ajita Shah: New ray of light and hope for the rural areas of India

Ajita Shah was born in New York City, New York. She grew up, but started her business from Rajasthan to her native city. This is a very interesting story.

Ajitata's parents belong to Rajasthan, India. New York moved to New York many years ago with the father of Ajita, who belonged to the gen community, and continued to live his traditional lifestyle with the Western world. Ajita Shah holds bachelor's degree in International Relations from Massachusetts' Tights University. Has received They have worked in the small investment sector in India. For its well-known international magazine Forbes, 30 business professionals who were under 30 years of age under the age of 30.

Ajit Shah is the founder and CEO of Frontier Markets. This company located in Rajasthan sells solar equipment. It is a special focus on rural women. The company works with the help of solar co-workers (women) in shops in the rural areas, which are rewarded for selling the goods. It also partneres with local businessmen.
Products are sold as a result of partnership. The presence of solar power in homes is significantly beneficial for women. Energy generated from the solar system, food, study and safety of cattle can be done in less expenses. During the course of business, Ajit Shah used the experiences in dealing with special challenges in education and work during his business.

They felt the need to solve solar issues. Because Ajita keeps the ability to speak Hindi, read and write Hindi with Indian background, so they did not have to face any difficulty. Displaying something separately, to understand people's relationship with their lives and ready to cope with difficulties, there is madness of Ajita, so they realized that their own country is the best place for the start of their organization.

Their organization believes that if the consumer's voice is used as a guide, their demands can be fulfilled. In the organization, 70% of women are women. The majority of these women are in remote areas. This organization has proved that women are the best suited to gaining, trusting them, analyzing their insights, applying them, and to benefit from rural market opportunities.

This organization plays a leading role in utilizing a business point of view for the last place. This organization wants to increase women's income through the power of solar power.

Ajit Shah gave special attention to the needs of the original women, while establishing a company with the objective of reaching solar energy in Rajasthan. They are also interested in women's economic stabilization, while scattering light in Rajasthan's darkness. But it was not so easy. So they started selling their products from local shops so that local people are aware of their presence, their organization provides services after sales.

Ajit Shah's organization combined with other organizations made women not only within the product but also the ability to become agents, made them a solar-friendly or solar angel. The wages to provide solar equipment to the equipment, to provide the benefits of solar energy to prospective customers, making new customers, data collection, selling after-sales services, and repair work. Commission is also given. Thus, they employed thousands of business professionals with them.

Those who successfully completed Rajasthan three hundred and thirty thousand homes, sell solar products, solar powered equipment and equipment and solar products, which many people were suffering from. Thus ten thousand households who only depend on agriculture can be helped.

Along with providing solar power, environmental pollution, carbon dioxide gas emissions can also be prevented, so Ajit Shah said that in the wake of an estimation, according to an estimation of his efforts, In the atmosphere, 130 million tonnes of carbon dioxide gas can be stopped.

Ajit Shah participated in the peak conference of global businessmen held at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 (GSE) in Hyderabad Dhan in 2017, and he won the GIS Catalyst Pitch Competition. This success was the result of their hard work. In relation to the preparation of this competition, the GIST team considers partners to distribute their work in some way in three minutes, which is new to the majority of business-related professionals.

Experts were gathered from all over the world - all the participants were doing special and excellent work in their respective fields. The theme of the conference was: Women were first, a very important relationship to the prosperity of our work. Success in the competition in this conference is a milestone for them, as a result, Google, Dale and other organizations are going to help.

Ajit Shah wishes that by these efforts in India, by 2020, five thousand women benefited from industry and one million people. He is determined to succeed with his team to achieve his successful achievement and wants that other countries of the world also feel free from their experiences.

In reality, Ajit Shah is an example for all the women that they are happy for the prosperity of their homeland despite growing in the western world. She says that if all women use their education and training and their skills for the prosperity of their country, these people can develop the fourth round of day.
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