22 years of Abulahul in Egypt discovered the ancient statue

Damascus: The statue of Abelholm got excavations of excavations in the southern city of 'Aswanan' in Egypt, according to the Egyptian archaeological sculpture, possibly belonging to the King Bismillus Pamjum.

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a statue of Abelhul (Safnax) from a tomb of Aswan's area that is likely to belong to the Bimmimus Pamjum, ie, second century BC.

Dr. Mustafa Mustafa, secretary of the Egyptian Department of Orthodox, said in a statement released on his website Sunday on Sunday, "This statue is probably related to the era of Egyptian King Batimmus Pamjam and digs it from a wall of any Ambo mantra. Got fired

Director General of Director Department, Abdul Amanim said that excavations will be continued around the place of discovery of this statue made by Rigi Stone so that more information can be obtained.

He said that before that there were two clay pillars of the Bilemillas Pamphlet era, which were written in Herografy alphabet. Abelholm is a special kind of statue, which is the head of the man and the lion. According to Egyptian Dimula, Abelhol's position was a spiritual leader and his statues were often installed outside the magazines. The most famous Abu Dhabi is located near Cairo in Great Horm.

The Blelemus Pamphlet is 204 BC to 181 BC. He was sitting only on the throne at the age of five and was created at the time of the famous Rusta Stone Inn, who further helped to read the ancient Egyptian formula.

The rock is recorded on three rocks, namely ancient Egyptians, Demo-Sciences and ancient Greek languages. In May this year, a skinny discovery was discovered on the image of Bilemillus Som. It is believed that this was found in the era of Sikh Bethlehem. Bethelmous Khanoad ruled over a large area of ​​Egypt for almost three centuries from 320 BC to 20 BC. The famous Queen Elizabeth was from the same family.

At the time of Bimmillus Pammum, the business was promoted in its era and its farms have been exported from remote locations in Africa. The archaeologist of the Egyptian Ministry has said that clay vessels and statues were found from that place. Egyptian officials expect that these discoveries will promote Egypt's tourism, which has fallen since the fall of violent 2011.
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